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4 cardinal rules to gaurd your digital footprints

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People across all ages navigate an increasingly complex information and communication ecosystem today. There’s more to read, hear, and see than ever before. There are more platforms — both online and offline — from which to receive information. This information comes from an ever-greater variety of sources, each with their own respective points of view and expression. These rapid changes to our information landscape, have created the need for better information, technology, and media competences among all people.
Young people are at the forefront of this movement, as they strive to develop and sustain a remarkable and unique digital identity. However, if you’re concerned about how you might be seen online, or you have concerns about previous interactions online, don’t worry. There are a number of things that you can do to evaluate and change your digital footprint. Here are four tips from Twitter
Search for yourself
How do others see you online? It’s easy to get a sense of how others see you by doing a quick search of your name, username, or email address on a search engine. If what appears is something you wouldn’t want prospective employers, friends or family to see, then it might be possible to take action to prune the material you don’t like from your digital footprint.
Check your privacy settings
On social media, it is usually possible to decide upon your audience. With Twitter, for example, in your settings, you can set your profile to protected mode. This will allow only those whom you approve to follow you and see what you share. You can also decide who gets to reply to and see your Tweets. You are in control.
Deactivate or delete old profiles
When you’re finished with an account or website, don’t forget to delete or deactivate your profile. If you leave it up, it is possible that it will be hacked without you knowing, or your old content is viewed without context. This could allow someone else to impersonate you by using your old account or cause avoidable embarrassment. Embrace the history lesson!
Think before you post
Before you say or do anything online, there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Would you be happy to have your friends or family see what you have said? Would you be happy for a newspaper to quote you on their front page? Is what you’re saying going to hurt someone intentionally? Depending on the privacy settings we mentioned previously, and on the openness of the platform, it is possible that what you say or do online could have tangible effects on the real world. Don’t forget! While you may be able to delete a tweet, someone out there might have it screenshotted. Remember at all times, kindness and generosity are free.

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