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5 Best Gaming Keyboards To Buy In 2021 – Linux Hint

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Is it like that you are getting confused about buying the best gaming keyboard for you in 2021? Well, this is not an exception as there are plenty of options available in the market. Every month there is the addition of two to three models of new keyboards on the market that makes it quite difficult for you to choose the best one. Depending on the situation and interests, the choice may vary. Many of us will prefer a mechanical keyboard for gaming, but some might prefer a simple membrane keyboard too. Depending upon the preference of switches, RGB, Media controls, Comfort, and Stem colors, we have selected the top gaming keyboards for you in 2021. Read this article till the end to get your confusion cleared.

Types OF Gaming Keyboards

Before knowing about the best gaming keyboards, you should know the types of gaming keyboards available in the market. This will help you in choosing the best one according to your requirements. Here we go:

Mainly there are two types of gaming keyboards:

  • Membrane Keyboard
  • Mechanical Keyboard

1.Membrane Keyboards

As indicated by the name, A membrane keyboard works on a membrane mechanism where every key on the keyboard rests on a pressure-sensitive triple-layered membrane.

Membrane keyboards are generally lighter in weight, easy to carry(portable), and make less noise. The built-up membrane keyboards have a circuit board with a layer of rubbers with buttons placed over them. Membrane Keyboards have a shorter life span when compared to their counterparts. These keyboards don’t allow the key rollover or NKRO, which means that only one stroke can be registered at a time. This can be considered as the main disadvantage in Membrane Keyboards from a gaming point of view.

2. Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards are the favorite ones among the gamers due to their unique key experience. These keyboards have switches that are loaded with springs that deliver a quick response when pressed. The crisp sound of keys provides an ultimate gaming experience with the flow of gameplay. The small RGB light beams beneath the keys are really attractive and come in different patterns. What makes these keyboards a favorite among gamers is the customization to change the keycaps with which you can change the keyboard’s appearance and sensational feel.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards come in three types of Switches. These are Linear, Tactile, and Clicky Switches. Linear Switches come with a smooth and consistent keystroke. Tactile switches comprise a bouncy feel in mid-travel around the distance where the switch registers an input. And unlike Tactile Switches, Clicky Switches produce a crispy click sound while registering input.

Brief Buying Guide For Gaming Keyboards

Before I list out the best gaming keyboards for you, here are some tips that will help you choose the best one. Here we go:

1.Mechanical Or Membrane: The very first thing you need to decide is whether you need a Mechanical Or Membrane keyboard. Well, this is not so difficult to decide.

You will have to sacrifice that freedom of Key Rollover in case you choose the Membrane Keyboard. However, you can go for a Membrane keyboard if you are not a fan of crisp click sounds and want to use the same keyboard for typing purposes. If you are looking for a keyboard for gaming only, then you should go for a Mechanical Keyboard.

2. Number Bed: Ask yourself if you need a keyboard with a number bed on the right-hand side of the keyboard. You can go for a keyboard with an RHS number bed if you regularly work with calculations etc. If you don’t, you should avoid it as it makes the keyboard a bigger one that occupies more space, leaving comparatively less room for the mouse.

3. Dedicated Controls: Check if the keyboard has dedicated controls or shared ones. Avoid the keyboards with shared controls as you will always have to press the modifier key for their functioning, which makes it quite annoying.

4. Stem Colors:
Choosing the right mechanical keys is also considered a quality factor. The red or blue keyboard is dependent on the stem of the keys, which produces a different type of clicks based on the colors.

The Majors Red & Blue are manufactured by a company named Cherry, and now these are considered as a market standard. If you are looking for a keyboard with sharp click sounds, you can go with Cherry Mx Blue, and Cherry Mx Red is most preferred by gamers as it provides a silent feel.

5. Appearance: In terms of Appearance, I suggest you go for a keyboard that looks attractive when placed on the table. Don’t buy a keyboard that has too bright LEDs; you can buy a keyboard that has decent LEDs with decent brightness.

List Of 5 Best Gaming Keyboards In 2021

Let not stretch it too long; here is the list of the 5 best and latest gaming keyboards that you can buy in 2021 :

1. Corsair K70 Mk.2 (Mechanical)

The first one on my list is none other than Corsair K70 MK.2. Corsair K70 mark 2 is basically an updated version of Corsair K70. Some praiseworthy upgrades have been made in MK.2. The Corsair K70 MK.2 comes with a full-anti ghost and full key rollover to ensure 100% keystroke registration. Dynamic and Unlimited color combinations associated with this keyboard make it even more attractive. The build quality is also fine with Aircraft-grade brushed Aluminum which gives a premium feel.

The LED light is above awesome as they don’t just light around the buttons but also a good amount of light passes through the fonts. You can customize the color for each key separately according to your preferences or select any pattern. And all this can be done by simple Corsair iCUE software.

The Cherry Mx Stem colors available on this keyboard are Mx Silent, Mx Blue, Mx Brown, Mx Speed, and Mx Red. This keyboard comes with a dedicated number bed which makes it a space occupier. I don’t think that makes much difference.

Notable Features Of Corsair K70 Mk.2

  • Dedicated Media and volume controls
  • Available in multiple Cherry Mx Options
  • Comes with FPS and MOBA keycap sets
  • USB Passthrough for peripherals
  • Fully Programmable


2. SteelSeries Apex Pro(Mechanical)

Steelseries Apex Pro is also a brilliant gaming keyboard in 2021 that deserves to be in gamers’ good books. The keyboard comes with an aluminum alloy frame with a plastic panel at the bottom. The main components of attraction in this keyboard are an OLED screen and Omni point analog switches. SteelSeries Apex Pro looks like a standard keyboard and has got some really appreciable features. It comes with an attachable wrist rest pad which provides cushioning experience.

The multimedia wheel is placed beside the OLED screen and performs multiple tasks from controlling multimedia and customizing the RGB effects. The OLED screen displays menu, presets, and imported graphics and GIFs. SteelSeries Apex Pro also offers you a USB point for Flash drives or others. The bottom of the keyboard is also quite impressive, with three cable channels for wrapping the extra cable.

The Omni analog keys with magnets can be customized separately with the help of Apex Pro software. The switches are linear and 0.4-millimeters to actuate. The 0.4-millimeter distance at the highest settings makes it the fastest switch in the room. You can also customize the actuation of switches from 1-10 using the menu button. The main 60 switches are Omni point switches, and all other switches are SteelSeries RED. All these features with buttery switches come at the price of $200.

Price: $209

Notable Features Of SteelSeries Apex Pro

  • OLED screen
  • Multimedia wheel with multiple functions
  • Adjustable Actuation
  • OMNI point analog switches
  • Cable management at the bottom

3. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL(Mechanical)

The next toy we have on our list is also from SteelSeries. I mentioned above that you should prefer a keyboard without the number bed for space management on your set up table, and this one is the best option for you. The SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL(TENKEYLESS). It is quite similar to SteelSeries Apex Pro in terms of features and also occupies less space.

This keyboard is compatible with PC, MAC, Xbox, and PS4 as well. It comes with a USB for peripherals at the back and cable wrapping at the bottom. The wrist rest provided is also quite comfortable and can be attached with the help of magnets. This steel series keyboard weighs around 1.7 pounds.

Similar to Apex Pro, Apex 7TKL is loaded with all essential features like an OLED screen, Dedicated multimedia keys, and fully customizable RGB backlighting. SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL comes up in SteelSeries Red, Blue and Brown switches. Software support is also quite impressive and helps in doing customizations. Window key lock is missing on this keyboard, and you can face issues in case you want to avoid accidental minimized screen during

Price: $139.99

Notable Features Of SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL

  • OLED Smart Display and Dedicated media Controls
  • Detachable Magnetic Wrist Rest
  • Instant Notifications from Games and Discord
  • Available In Different Stem Colors
  • No Number Bed

4. Razer Ornata V2 (Membrane)

Razer Ornata V2 is a Non-Mechanical gaming keyboard that has got good ergonomic shape. This keyboard gives tough competition to mechanical keyboards. If you like clicky gaming keyboards, then you can surely go for this one. There is a small volume wheel with good texture and detachable magnetic wrist rest with foam padding too. However, you won’t be able to use wrist rest for long as it traps heat for long usage.

The switches are meca membrane and don’t appear so clean and crispy when compared to Cherry MX Blue Or Red. Ornata has got dedicated media buttons and full RGB lighting patterns. Actuations in this keyboard are not that loud and can be used for typing purposes also. You can download Razer Synapse 3 Software for further customizations and controls, but this software is available for Windows only. If you are looking for a Non-Mechanical gaming keyboard, then this one’s for you.

Price: $99

Notable Features Of Razer Ornata V2

  • Dedicated Multimedia Controls
  • Economical
  • Razer Chroma RGB
  • Cable Routing Options
  • Tactile click with soft-touch

5. Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121(Mechanical)

Roccat Vulcan is a full-size standard keyboard that is also considered the most stylish keyboard. The 121 Aimo version comes with an Aluminium top plate and is quite comfortable to use. The wrist rest can be easily attached with the help of magnets. It is quite thin in structure and has got a plastic base that is not so rigid. The keycaps in this keyboard are super slim, where RGB lights and Stems can be seen naked.

This makes it quite easy to clean. The switches available with this model are Titan Linear Red and Tactile brown. 121 Aimo has got dedicated media controls, and its appearance is also quite good. This keyboard is quite fine in working, but there is a downside regarding switches that there is a small ring sound while pressing the keys. Also, the keyboard is quite thinner, so you can experience the bend when pressed from the middle.

Price: $160

Notable Features Of Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121

  • Dedicated Media Control
  • Switch bounce is reduced
  • AIMO intelligent lighting system
  • 1.8-millimeter actuation point balances
  • The Final Words

    So, guys, these were the best gaming keyboards that you can buy according to your preferences. All the keyboards mentioned above have all those features that are required during long gaming sessions. In case you don’t find any of them a perfect fit for you, then you can refer to the buying guide I have mentioned above and select the right one.

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