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5 tips to help you replace your chunky laptop with a lightweight Apple iPad

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With the iPadOS update that was rolled out earlier back in 2019, Apple brought the iPad closer to a laptop than to phones. However, it is still not in a position, where a standalone iPad can be called a laptop replacement, but there are a few things that you can do to bring your iPad closer to being a laptop. But before we tell you what you can do, you should know that most of these things will require for you to spend some money, thus adding to the cost of the iPad. That being said, here we will be listing five tips for replacing your laptop with an iPad. Also Read – Apple iOS 14.5 beta out now: New emojis, shortcut actions and more

Get a keyboard and a mouse

With the iPadOS update, Apple introduced mouse support to iPads, thus helping it cross a major hurdle from operating as a laptop replacement. So now, you can get your own Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to help you type and browse just like a laptop. You can also choose to get Apple’s own keyboard covers which have a kickstand and a keyboard included and one even comes with a touchpad integrated. You can also get third-party folio covers from companies like Logitech, which include a keyboard and a trackpad. Also Read – Apple AirPods 3 might arrive for users next month: What we know so far

Get a compatible stand

If you decide to get a folio cover with a kickstand built-in then you do not have to invest in a stand. However, if you have gone for a full keyboard and mouse set then you will also need to get a compatible stand, which can hold your iPad up in a laptop position so that you do not strain your neck or have the wrong posture while working for longer periods of time. Also Read – Apple iPhone 13 mini: Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone 12 mini successor

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Add a USB hub

A USB hub is a good addition that you can make to an iPad if you are looking to set it up and use it as a laptop. This will help you gain access to USB ports to input pen drives and connect other devices. You can also get more advance hubs which come with an SD card slot and an ethernet port to give you more flexibility.

You can also use the hub to connect an external display to provide you with more screen real estate.

Find app substitutes

Once you have bought all of the above accessories, you will now have to look for good alternatives to the apps you use on your laptop. For word processing, working on spreadsheets or presentations, you can download all of Apple’s alternatives for your work, like Sheets, Pages and more. For photo editing needs you can download Adobe Photoshop Express and more. Once you have downloaded all of the necessary apps, you are now ready to resume your laptop work on your iPad.

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Manage your windows

Now that you are all set up to use your iPad as a laptop, you now need to learn how to manage all of your app Windows. Unlike a normal laptop, you will be required to drag, drop and swipe apps to certain parts of the screen to keep on multitasking. You need to learn how to use Apple’s Split View feature to use apps side by side. You can also place the apps you are using with open windows inside of the iPad dock. You can also layer apps on top of each other as per your convenience. While this might not be perfect, it will still get the work done.

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