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A Complete List of Battlegrounds Mobile India Weapons (2021)

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Ever since the Indian government banned the uber-popular mobile title PUBG Mobile due to political clashes with China, players have been eagerly waiting for a comeback. Well, their wish was answered by Krafton, the parent developer of PUBG Mobile, who recently announced the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India. This title is exclusive to India but is rumored to feature a similar gameplay experience as PUBG Mobile. This has made several PUBG Mobile enthusiasts question, will the same weapons as PUBG Mobile be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India? Will they be able to use the M416 or the Kar98 guns once again? Well, recent reports suggest that would be the case, so here is a complete list of weapons you will find in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

List of Weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India (2021)

Here is a list of weapons along with their damage per bullet, fire rate, and other details that you will see in the arsenal of every Battlegrounds Mobile India player once the game releases sometime in mid-June. So without any further ado, let’s check out the list of Battlegrounds Mobile India guns and throwables.


Starting with the throwables, Battlegrounds Mobile India will add the same damage-dealing grenades, mollies, and other throwable items. Also, when you throw a punch at someone, it will likely deal the same 18 HP damage as before. Here’s a complete list of throwables you will find in-game:

  • Apple
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Snowball
  • Stun Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Frag Grenade


Coming to the pistols, there are good for early game fights when you have just dropped from the plane. You should swap it out for an assault rifle or DMR, depending on your playstyle, as the match progresses to increase your chances of securing the Chicken Dinner. You can find the list of pistols you will have in Battlegrounds Mobile India right below:

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
P92 35 9 mm 0.14
P1911 41 .45 ACP 0.11
R1895 55 7.62 mm 0.4
P18C 23 9 mm 0.06
R45 55 .45 ACP 0.25
Sawed-off 160 12 Gauge 0.25
Scorpion 22 9 mm 0.07
Desert Eagle 62 .45 ACP 0.25
Flare Gun – call drop –

Assault Rifles

battlegrounds mobile india guns damage list

Coming to the assault rifles options, here is a list of automatic, burst, and single-firing rifles you will be able to pick up in Battlegrounds Mobile India. We have also listed the damage per bullet, ammo type, and fire rate for each gun here:

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
AKM 49 HP 7.62 mm 0.10
M16A4 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.10
SCAR-L 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.096
M416 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.09
Groza 49 HP 7.62 mm 0.08
Aug A3 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.09
QBZ 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.096
Beryl M762 47 HP 7.62 mm 0.09
MK47 Mutant 49 HP 7.62 mm 0.10
G36C 43 HP 5.56 mm 0.086

Submachine Guns (SMG)

Turning to the automatic submachine guns, Battlegrounds Mobile India will most likely borrow my favorite close-range weapon, the Uzi, from PUBG Mobile. As for all the other submachine guns and their stats, check out the table below:

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
Uzi 26 HP 9 mm 0.05
UMP45 39 HP 0.45 ACP 0.09
Vector 31 HP 9 mm 0.054
Thompson SMG (or Tommy gun) 40 HP 0.45 ACP 0.09
PP-19 Bizon 35 HP 9 mm 0.09
MP5K 33 HP 9 mm 0.066

Light Machine Guns

In the category of light machine guns, there only are a couple of weapons we expect to show up in Battlegrounds Mobile India, and they are the M249 and the DP-28. You can check out their complete details in the table below:

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
M249 45 HP 5.56 mm 0.075
DP-28 51 HP 7.62 mm 0.11


Known for their fatal damage in close-range fights (under 100m), below is the list of shotguns you can expect to find around maps in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
S686 26 HP per pellet 12 Gauge 0.2
S1897 26 HP per pellet 12 Gauge 0.75
S12K 24 HP per pellet 12 Gauge 0.25
DBS 26 HP per pellet 12 Gauge 0.6
M1014 24 HP per pellet 12 Gauge

Sniper Rifles

battlegrounds mobile india sniper rifles - weapons damage chart

Turning to the long-range weapons in the title, check out the list of the sniper rifles you can expect to be featured in Battlegrounds Mobile India right below. It includes the much-loved Kar98k and the powerful AWM sniper rifle, which is a part of the Airdrop package.

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
AWM 105 HP .300 Magnum 1.85
Kar98k 75 HP 7.62 mm 1.9
M24 79 HP 7.62 mm 1.8
Win94 66 HP 7.62 mm 0.6

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

Last but not least, we have the designated marksman rifles that should be available in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
(in seconds)
SKS 53 HP 7.62 mm 0.09
VSS 41 HP 9 mm 0.086
Mini 14 46 HP 5.56 mm 0.10
MK14 61 HP 7.62 mm 0.09
SLR 58 HP 7.62 mm 0.10
QBU 48 HP 5.56 mm 0.10
MK12 46 HP 5.56 mm

Battlegrounds Mobile India Weapons Damage Charts

So, these are all the weapons you can expect Krafton to add to the loot pool in the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India game. As you can see, almost all the weapons are familiar and were available in PUBG Mobile when it was available in India. That means a number of you might already be familiar with the recoil pattern, attachments, mag sizes, and other nifty details.

However, it is worth mentioning that Krafton might change the names of some of the guns to distinguish them from the PUBG Mobile weapons. That is because the developers do not want the community to draw parallels between their upcoming mobile title and the now-banned-in-India PUBG Mobile.

Krafton is yet to finalize the launch date of the game in India. But, the title is already up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. You can read all about the game, including the steps to pre-register in our in-depth Battlegrounds Mobile India story from the linked article. Are you excited to use some much-loved PUBG Mobile weapons yet again? Let us know which is your favorite weapon and why in the comments section below.

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