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Adobe Max 2020 conference starts: New features come Photoshop, Lightroom and more

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Software giant Adobe is holding its annual conference Adobe Max. The company has announced new features for its creative applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.
The company has expanded Creative Cloud Libraries. It now allows users to create and distribute design systems through Adobe XD, access assets in Adobe Spark and connect to third-party apps like Google Workspace as well as other systems through open Library APIs for developers.
Here are all the key additions:
Photoshop: Introduced in the Photoshop experience, Sensei-powered Sky Replacement, two new Refine Edge selections and Neural Filters enable users to expand and elevate their creativity. “These features offer new ways to reduce complex workflows while also giving access to a growing library of artistic filters to ignite ideas or refine images,” says the company.
Illustrator and Illustrator on the iPad: The 1.0 release of Illustrator on the iPad brings users the core toolkit and more, with 18,000 fonts and new features like radial, grid and mirror repeat. And on the desktop, the new Recolor Artwork feature aims to enable users to change entire color themes with just one click. When using Illustrator’s desktop and iPad apps, creators may find easy cross-device experience that allows them to create a range of graphics, from a logo to a T-shirt illustration.
Fresco on the iPhone: The new Fresco on the iPhone offers users the same functionality that is there on the iPad and Windows touch devices. Powered by Cloud Documents, all Fresco projects are available on all supported devices across desktop, mobile and tablet for a seamless multi-device experience.
Lightroom: Advanced Color Grading across the Lightroom ecosystem, the ability to save versions as you edit images and enhanced performance in Lightroom Classic.
Premiere Pro: Performance improvements, alongside a preview of Sensei-powered Speech to Text, which automates speech transcription from video content and generates captions and subtitles.
After Effects: Sensei-powered Roto Brush 2 that selects and tracks an object, frame by frame, isolating the subject automatically. Additionally, a new 3D Design Space in After Effects offers new 3D Gizmos, improved camera tools and more, to navigate and design in 3D.
XD: The new 3D Transforms feature allows UI/UX designers to explore UI/UX design for AR experiences.
Adobe Aero: Public beta for Aero on the desktop enables anyone to create immersive and interactive AR experiences.

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