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After Bulli Bai arrest, govt blocks Telegram channel circulating obscene photos on Hindu women

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It is not about Hindu or Muslim, it is about women in general who feel unsafe on the internet these days. After the Bulli Bai app controversy, the Indian government has blocked a Telegram channel that was allegedly circulating obscene photos of Hindu women. Also Read – Telegram users beware of new threat that can hack your devices

IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw took to Twitter earlier on Wednesday to confirm that the government has blocked a Telegram channel that was circulating dirty indecent of Hindu women. Also Read – Telegram’s final update for the year brings Message Reactions, Spoiler Alert, and more: Here’s how to use it

The Telegram channel called ‘Hindu Randiyan’ was called out for spreading obscene photos of women and hate messages. Soon after, Vaishnaw confirmed on social media, that the channel has now been blocked. Also Read – You will soon be able to make cryptocurrency payments on Telegram using Toncoin

“Channel blocked. Government of India coordinating with police authorities of states for action,” IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said in an official tweet earlier today. However, there are no details about the creator of the Telegram or what action the police has taken on the matter.

The incident follows the controversial Bulli Bai app matter that listed photos of Muslim women for auction. The online platform was created by a group of Indians with the aim of financial gains. The police have been taking strict action on the matter and arrested three suspects so far. the investigation is on.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that an incident like this has been reported. Last year, a similar incident called Sulli Deals was highlighted, but no arrests were made at that time. In both Bulli Bai and Suli Deals, scammers targeted prominent Muslim women across various professions. In both cases, these cybercriminals first gather photos of these popular women and then put them on auction on the platform. Fortunately, no real auctions have been reprinted so far.

Such incidents targeting women of a specific religion show how unsafe women of the country are on the internet or the online space these days.

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