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After OnePlus, Realme considers switching to ColorOS for its smartphones

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Back in March 2021, OnePlus made a shocking announcement of switching to Oppo’s ColorOS skin for its new devices. The move was restricted to Chinese devices only, replacing the HydrogenOS skin. Two months since then, Realme is now considering the same for its smartphones. The company recently asked the same to its Indian community on its forum. Also Read – OnePlus Nord new OxygenOS update released: Bug fixes, security patch and more

In its recent post on the Realme community, the company asked its members about the OS preference.  The company has asked six questions on the forum, four of which talk about ColorOS in general. It is even exploring the option to name it as ColorOS for Realme, similar to how OnePlus did in China. This is still in the decision stage and the company is yet to finalise anything. Also Read – Realme C25s launch in India likely in June: Check details here

ColorOS for Realme could replace RealmeUI

Realme’s considerations for going to ColorOS isn’t surprising, given that the brand started off as an arm of Oppo. In fact, the first few Realme smartphones relied on Oppo’s ColorOS skin and up until recently, there was no virtual difference between them and Oppo smartphones. Also Read – This is when and how you can buy OnePlus Nord CE 5G in India

The company made the move to RealmeUI with the Android 10 generation, customizing the skin more in accordance with Google’s stock Android interface. However, apart from a few cosmetic changes, the basic layout and experience was no different than ColorOS.

Is the move to ColorOS good or bad for Realme users? That’s for you to decide. OnePlus made the move for its OnePlus 9 series, keeping in mind faster update rollout and lesser development costs. In our perspective, moving to ColorOS could cut down the development time for new Android versions. Similar to OnePlus, Realme is far behind in terms of timing its latest Android updates. Moreover, the features in RealmeUI are no different than that of ColorOS 11.

This move, in general, is not a surprise. Xiaomi does the same for its sub-brands and sister brands. Mi, Redmi, and Poco smartphones use the same MIUI skin based on Android. Poco takes the liberty to install its own MIUI for Poco on its smartphones.

At the moment, we are looking forward to the Realme X7 Max launching on May 31. The Realme X7 Max is debuting the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chip in India. The phone is expected to replace the Realme X7 Pro and take over as the brand’s new flagship offering.

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