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AirPods worked fine after being removed from dog’s stomach via surgery

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As part of another bizarre incident, which involves Apple products, a pair of AirPods was found to be working after being removed from a dog’s stomach via surgery. Despite being swallowed, the Apple TWS was fine without any scratches or teeth marks. Also Read – Apple Spring Loaded event: New iPad Pro, iMac, AirTags and more at a glance

A Golden Retriever, going by the name Jimmy thought the AirPods to be an Easter Egg treat. Here’s what happened. Also Read – Caviar’s ‘Space Conqueror’ Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max editions launched: First look

AirPods in working condition after dog swallowed them

It is revealed (via a report by Vets Now) that the incident took place on April 4 (Easter) when Rachel Hick was all set to feed Jimmy with an Easter treat. The excited dog jumped too high, which knocked the AirPods out of her pocket. Also Read – Apple’s new Podcasts Subscriptions will help creators get money: Price and more

This is when the dog swallowed the AirPods (along with the charging case) when they fell on the floor.

Hick, via a statement to Vets Now, said, “He looked up at me straight after and gave me a look as if to say ‘that wasn’t the treat, was it?’ My heart sank.”

The dog was rushed to the hospital where an X-ray, as well as a radiograph of his digestive system, was taken. The images found the AirPods and the case to be intact (with the light being on) and were easily removed after surgery was performed.

Although, the doctor was worried about the AirPods being an obstruction and the risk of battery leakage through the case, which can be harmful to dogs even to us humans.

Following this, Jimmy was brought home safe and sound and had a cone around his neck to safeguard the stitches.

It goes without saying that the products such as the AirPods should be kept safe and unreachable to the animals.

This incident is another testament to the fact that Apple products are undoubtedly able to withstand a lot than expected.

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