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among us tips: Among Us tips and tricks: Gameplay, features and beginners guide

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If you are a gamer, then by now you must have heard of the game Among Us. The game which became popular overnight and more and more players started playing. So much so that it even crossed the maximum number players PUBG Mobile momentarily.
Now, there are several reasons behind it’s popularity, the most important one we can think of is its gameplay which is very different from games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. So, if you are new to the game and look forward to playing it with your friends, then a basic guide can be really helpful for you. In this guide we will discuss several aspects of Among Us such as how to start with the game, beginners guide, gameplay and some additional but important tips about the game. Keep reading.
Among Us: History and storyline
Among Us is not an entirely new game, the game has been there since June 2018, however, it took the game two years to go viral. The game is developed by an American game studio InnerSloth and is an online multiplayer game that takes place in a space-themed setup where players are supposed to identify imposters from their crew members of the spaceship. The number of imposters are predefined in the game but the mystery is to identify them through built-in chat and voting system and kick them out of the spaceship and end up saving the entire ship.
Among Us: Available platforms
Among Us is available on iOS, Android, Steam only and for now there’s no information available on the console port of the game. The developer has said that the game currently does not come with an in-built voice chat system and players are supposed to rely on a keyboard to chat with other players in the game which can be an issue with consoles.
Among Us: How to start playing
Playing this game isn’t as complicated as it seems maybe because it’s dated looking interface. However, once you’ve downloaded the game all you need to do is join an online room and start playing or create one and make it public so that other players can join it. You can also keep it private and share the joining code with friends and ask them to join.
Among Us: Gameplay
The gameplay is basic. There’s a crew of 4 to 10 players out which room creators can choose how many imposters they want in it between 1 to 3. The more the number of imposters the more complicated the game will be. All the players are supposed to complete the tasks assigned and imposters will have to work along with them to prove that they are not imposters and save themselves from getting caught. Now, the imposters are also supposed to sabotage other players and kill them one by one.
At the beginning of the game, players are randomly assigned into either Crew group or Imposter group with a message. If you are a crew member then you are supposed to complete tasks and help other players to catch the imposters without getting killed by imposters.
If you are an imposter then you even have more important things to do such as sabotage crew members, kill them, ensure not to get caught. Imposters also have other abilities such as they can travel through ducts, can see in dark and more.
But, how does the game end? There are four possible endings to the game. Let’s check them one-by-one.
Imposter win: Imposters kill all the other players without getting caught
Imposter win: Fail to stop getting sabotage
Crew win: All assigned tasks are complete
Crew win: All imposters are caught and kicked out of the ship.
There are meetings in the game, any player including the imposter can call the meetings and talk to each other about ongoing activities or who is the suspected imposter. There are two types of meetings in the game — when a dead body is found and by pressing the emergency button. After the meeting, players get to vote and the player with more votes gets executed.
Among Us: Additional tips
Download Discord as it makes the entire gameplay more fun. You can actually discuss the situations using voice instead of typing. But, ensure that the voice meetings are well moderated.
If you are an imposter, try to show them that you have helped others complete the assignment or you were the one who reported last killing, etc. Basically try to sound more convincing to gain the trust of other players.
If you are a crew member and keep an eye on all the suspicious activities going on around you and try to recall the player always found at the crime scene or someone who is always absent from the crime scene.

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