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An Android game console with 5G? Qualcomm is working on one

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If you are serious about mobile gaming, getting an Android gaming phone with a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888 chip is the only way to go. But what if you seek an overpowered mobile device that is solely focused gaming, something like the Nintendo Switch? It turns out that Qualcomm is working on a Switch alternative to showcase its prowess in mobile gaming. Also Read – Snapdragon 888 chip with no 5G tipped, could make future flagship phones cheaper

Based on a report from Android Police, Qualcomm is working on a Nintendo Switch-like alternative based on its own silicon. This device is said to launch commercially in early 2022 and will have Android 12 as its platform. This means that you can play all the popular Android titles and even be able to run content from the upcoming Epic Games app. Also Read – Snapdragon 775, 775G details leak ahead of official launch, will replace Snapdragon 765G

Qualcomm gaming console in the works

Owing to its natural form factor, the Qualcomm console is likely to look similar to the Nintendo Switch. The device has the possibility to feature a 6.5-inch display, a 6000mAh battery, and dedicated joypad controls for the device. Given that it is developed by Qualcomm, it is likely to rely on a very powerful chip. Also Read – Qualcomm a key player in upcoming Reliance Jio-Google’s low-cost Android smartphone

What remains to be seen is whether Qualcomm utilizes any of its existing Snapdragon 800 series chip, or comes up with a customised chip specifically for the console. What’s known though is that the console will feature 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi for latching on to networks. It will also feature the usual array of smartphone-based sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, dual-zone haptics, and more.

(Representational Image: Nintendo) Image Credit: Pixabay

Qualcomm is also said to include a display out port but details on the port remain unclear. Users will have a micro SD card slot to rely on for expanding storage. The device is also said to be thick, which could give more space internally, eventually resulting in improved thermal performance.

Will Qualcomm aim to create a space for itself in the mobile gaming console industry? “Qualcomm plans to offer direct sales to consumers, but also wants to use its US carrier connections to get on store shelves,” says the report. The company will target a price of $300 for this console device.

However, the company is hopeful to inspire more OEM partners for exploring new form factors for future mobile gaming devices. At the same time, Qualcomm also has no intentions to unsettle Nintendo for market dominations overnight.

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