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Apple CEO Tim Cook claims iOS is more secure than Android

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Some of the major advantages of Android over iOS have been a higher level of customisation, the ability to sideload apps and more. Apple is closing the gap in terms of customisations with each iteration of iOS. However, it seems like, the giant will never allow its users to sideload apps. Also Read – Apple Music Lossless, Spatial Audio features with Dolby Atmos coming soon to India

In an interview with Brut America, Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken against sideloading apps onto smartphones. He said that “sideloading would destroy the security of the iPhone and a lot of the privacy initiatives that we built into the App Store, where we have privacy nutrition labels and app tracking transparency, where it forces people to get permission to track across apps.” Also Read – Google announces six new Android features, which will roll out this year

“These things would not exist anymore except in people that stuck in our ecosystem, and so I worry deeply about privacy and security,” he added. Also Read – Apple sells more iPads in early 2021 than ever, grows along with Samsung 

He also stated that Android has 47 times more malware than iOS.

Malicious actors tend to target the most popular platforms with iOS and Android being on the top globally. Apple keeps its users safe by reviewing each app before it makes it to the App Store and by not allowing users to sideload any apps. Whereas, Android users can sideload any app from the internet or from multiple third-party stores.

Android simply gives users the ability to sideload apps, however, it does warn them about the risks and requires them to give each app like Chrome the permission to do so. The flexibility for many is what keeps them on the Android side of things. Moreover, Apple also allows users to sideload apps, but for that, they require a developer account.

Also, Apple’s App Store is not as clean as it would want you to believe. According to an earlier report by the Washington Post, almost 2 percent of the top 1,000 grossing apps on the App Store were scams. Recently it was also discovered that 2,500 apps containing malware were uploaded to the App Store and they had a cumulative 120 million downloads.

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