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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s ‘simple’ way to find out if you’re using your iPhone too much

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Most people that use a smartphone, tablet or laptop may not like to admit but too much of time is spent in front of screens. Smartphones have become the gateway for almost everything — reading news, consuming content — and it might become a problem soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook was recently asked in a podcast with The Outsider magazine about the rise of phone usage among the people.
Cook said that he had a simple rule to check if people are using their phones too much. “My simple rule is, if you’re looking at your device more than you’re looking in somebody’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing — just very simple,” said the Apple CEO. Well, there’s no way to ‘check’ how many times you look in somebody’s eyes but Apple does have a feature that tells you how many times you check your phone and more.
A couple of years ago — with iOS 12 — Apple launched the Screen Time feature that gives a user a fair idea on how and how much they’re using their devices. With Screen Time, users can see their iPhone, Mac or iPad usage. The data is further broken down to the amount of time a user has spent on individual apps. It also tells you the number of notifications that one has got and the frequency with which you check your iPhone.
Google has a similar feature called Digital Wellbeing for Android phones as well.
Cook further said Apple is looking to innovate in this space as well to check phone usage among people. “Well, we take the challenge to continue innovating in that space just like we take the challenge to keep innovating in each of the product categories that we’re in.”

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