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Apple has added a new ‘hardware button’ to old iPhones which you may not know

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It’s hard to believe that a software update could actually add a new hardware feature to your old iPhone. But this is what Apple did when it released iOS 14 last month. While iOS 14 has plenty to offer on the software front, most iPhone users missed noticing that there’s a new hardware feature as well. The entire back panel of all old iPhones is now sensitive to touch with a feature called Back Tap. This software feature actually turns the entire back panel of any iPhone running iOS 14 into a huge button that can recognise taps.

For example, you can simply double at the back of your iPhone to take screenshots, after updating to iOS 14. Also, you can triple tap to lock the screen instantly. Apple allows you to select what functions you wish to perform by double or triple taps at the back of your iPhone. The good part is that you can double or triple tap anywhere on the back panel of the iPhone–even extreme corners.

The Back Tap feature can be found inside Accessibility options under Settings and it is turned off by default. This is one of the reasons why most iPhone users missed noticing it when iOS 14 was rolled out. Go to Settings > Accessibility> Touch> Back Tap to turn it on and select the action you wish to perform when you double and triple tap the back of your iPhone. You could simply search for “Back Tap” in the search bar inside settings to quickly check out this feature too.
The Back Tap option also supports Shortcuts with which you can truly customise the entire experience. You can just double tap to make certain apps perform specific tasks once you have configured Shortcuts.

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