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apple: How Apple may be planning to compete with Google Search

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Tech behemoth Apple may be working on its own version of Google Search, as per a report by The Financial Times (FT). The report says that Apple’s own search results have started appearing in iOS 14, which hints at the fact that the tech giant may be working on something to replace Google Search on the iOS platform at least for now. If not for iOS then perhaps for macOS or iPad OS as having your own alternative at par with Google Search means ditching aside the yoke of Google.
As per an earlier report by The New York Times, Google got served an antitrust lawsuit by the US Justice Department for illegally monopolising the internet searches. Now, the FT report claims that this development may have prompted Apple to start working on its own internet search alternative for Google Search.
In recent weeks, Apple’s web crawler Applebot has shown a spike in activity, claims the report, citing sources. That may mean that more and more data is being searched by the web crawler to build a bigger data bank and so, provide more relevant and accurate search results.
To run its own search engine on Apple devices, Google reportedly pays Apple about $8-$12 billion per year. If Apple has finally decided to ditch Google Search, it largely means the end of the agreement between the two companies might not be not far. However, nothing has been confirmed in this regard by either of them, so, for now, it’s safe to say that it is speculation.

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