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Apple iPhone 13 may feature an under-display TouchID: Report – Latest News

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Apple iPhone 13 yet has a couple of months to go before its official announcement. However, the smartphone has already started making headlines with several leaks and rumours.

The most recent one is about the TouchID coming back to iPhone 13. Rumours suggest that the iPhone 13 will feature an under-display TouchID.

The report was first published by MacRumours and according to them Apple will bring back TouchID in iPhone 13. To remind, the company ditched TouchID back in 2017. iPhone SE 2 being an exception.

However, the TouchID which is rumoured to arrive in iPhone 13 won’t be the one we used to see with earlier iPhones. Rumours suggest that Apple will be incorporating an under-display TouchID.

Another rumour by Barclays analyst Andrew Garddiner also suggests the same about iPhone 13 getting an under-display TouchID. This report also claims that Apple will use this as an add-on biometric authentication alongside the FaceID.

We still have no information about the technology Apple will be using with the under-display TouchID. We mostly know two types of in-display fingerprint scanners — Ultrasonic and Optical sensors.

It will also be interesting to see how Apple is planning to implement the TouchID in the iPhone as this technology is now a couple of years old and Android OEMs have been doing this from a while now. Even several mid-range Android smartphones now also come with one.

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