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apple: LG may help develop the foldable Apple iPhone screen: Report – Latest News

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South Korean technology company LG may be helping build the flexible, bendable panels of the rumoured foldable iPhone in the works, as per a report by Apple Insider.

After the development phase is over, it could be LG, Samsung or some other firm that ends up becoming the supplier. However, nothing is confirmed in this regard. But then, the first foldable iPhone from Apple is also not. Not officially as of now.

The much-rumoured foldable device from Apple is said to be currently tested in two form factors. One is the clamshell design the likes of which we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The other could be similar to that of the Galaxy Fold.

Apple also may ship its first foldable iPhone with stylus support, as per a report by communications and digital media organisation Omdia. The firm predicts that the Cupertino-based tech giant may launch the 7.3-7.6 inch foldable OLED smartphone by 2023 and add an activity pen (a stylus) with it. It is rumoured that Apple is working on using treated Ceramic Shield glass for the foldable phone that can withstand the pressure of getting folded and unfolded. Apple certainly wouldn’t want to face a debacle that Samsung suffered from some of the early models of the Galaxy Fold.

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