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Apple may be working on accessory to wirelessly charge iPhone, AirPods

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Apple announced its latest iPhone 12 lineup last week. The new iPhones come with company’s latest A14 Bionic processor, improved camera and several other features like the new MagSafe accessory connector as the proposed solution to the most common problem with wireless charging.
MagSafe also opens a way to an entire new range of accessories that attaches to the iPhone’s body. Apple showcased several new accessories like a leather wallet, wireless charger and more. A new patent application by Apple has been published by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Thursday which reveals details about another MagSafe accessory. According to the published document, the patent was filed back in August 2019 last year.
The new MagSafe accessory is titled as Accessory Case with a Power Supply and according to the patent images, the accessory will come with a power supply that will charge iPhone along with AirPods at the same time. The image shows the two holders designed to house AirPods using a strap or magnet.
In the patent application, Apple has showcased two illustrations — one shows an accessory mounted at the back of the device with AirPods inserts, the second image shows a side mounted connector where each AirPods will be mounted on the top and bottom of the device.
Apple has described the accessory device used to receive and carry an electronic device that might come with a cover glass to protect the front surface of the electronic device. As far as the connectivity and usages of the device is concerned, the patent application confirms that when the iPhone will be inserted into the case, it will automatically connect with the battery and start charging the device. Also, the power supply of the accessory will be replaceable as per the patent.

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