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Apple may launch new entry-level AirPods, AirPods Pro in 2021

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Unless there’s a surprise up its sleeve, it looks like Apple is more or less done with the 2020 launches. Rumours about a MacBook launch are doing the rounds but that remains to be seen. With 2020 launches almost out of the way, the rumour mills have starting churning about what 2021 might have in store. A report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple may launch a new entry-level AirPods and an upgraded AirPods Pro next year.
As per the report, the upcoming entry-level AirPods could feature. Design which is similar to the current AirPods Pro. This could mean a shorter stem and replaceable ear tips could be a part of the new AirPods. The report also says that Apple is rumoured to be working on improving the battery life of the AirPods. Also, as per Bloomberg, the entry-level AirPods will just have the design element of the AirPods Pro. In terms of features like noise-cancellation, they might not make their way to the entry-level AirPods.
As far as the second-gen AirPods Pro are concerned, the Bloomberg report states that Apple is looking at a design overhaul. The short stem that is currently there in the AirPods Pro could be totally removed. The report says that a design is being tested and it has a more rounded shape. Something like what we have already seen in wireless earbuds from the likes of Samsung and Google.
The report also mentions that features like noise-cancellation, wireless antennas could prove challenging to fit in a smaller case for the AirPods Pro. In other words, nothing has been finalised yet as far as the AirPods Pro’s next model is concerned. Having said that, leaks and rumours posted by Bloomberg have proven to be more ore less accurate in the past.

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