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Apple Music Lossless, Spatial Audio features with Dolby Atmos coming soon to India

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Apple is now bringing its Apple Music Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio features along with Dolby Atmos to its iOS, Android and desktop subscribers soon. All of these audio formats are available for free of cost to all Apple Music subscribers. Apart from that, according to a report all of these features have been rolled out on Apple Music for Android beta. Also Read – Google announces six new Android features, which will roll out this year

Apple Music India website mentions that the features will be “coming soon.” However, it has not revealed an exact date for the release. Also Read – Apple sells more iPads in early 2021 than ever, grows along with Samsung 

To recall, Apple revealed the new features last week. Since then many India users claim to have gotten the support, which then got pulled. Taking a look at how some users were able to use the features, while some weren’t it seems as if Apple is slowly testing these and will launch them pretty soon for Indian subscribers. Also Read – Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels go live in 170 countries starting today 

Android Apple Music subscribers will also be able to use the Spatial Audio, Lossless Audio features with Dolby Atmos. According to an earlier report by 9to5Google, the Apple Music Beta 3.6.0 Beta app comes with support for these features. However, to access these, you will have to sign up for the beta channel.

Android users would be able to access Lossless audio as ‘Lossless’ and ‘High Res Lossless’. High Res Lossless format will offer up to 24-bit/ 192kHz audio, whereas, the Lossless format will offer 24-bit/ 48kHz audio, using Apple’s ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) codec.

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