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Apple updated its old HomePod with Intercom integration, Siri improvements and more

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Apple unveiled its latest smart speakerHomePod mini at the iPhone 12 event and the device is scheduled to release on November 6. Apple showcased new set of features like Intercom and improved Siri functionalities for HomePod mini and now as per a recent report by TechRadar, the tech-giant is now releasing an update for HomePod with HomePod mini features.
The Intercom feature, as explained by Apple is almost similar to the intercom where users can easily communicate with other family members by sending messages to different HomePods in different locations of the house. HomePod mini using Intercom feature records the audio and can play it on all HomePod speakers at once or just on the designated HomePod speaker.
In addition to this, Intercom messages can also be sent to other Apple devices like Apple Watch, CarPlay, AirPods, iPhones and iPads and respond to the message in case they want to.
Apart from the Intercom feature, the latest HomePod update also brings enhanced Siri functionalities just like HomePod mini. After the update, users will be able to mute or cancel alarms, stop timers and media across devices.
Another Siri feature coming to HomePod is the ability to share search location details on iPhone or CarPlay whenever you ask HomePod about any location. This feature shares the search results as well as suggestions with the iPhone connected on with the same Apple account.

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