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Apples announces iOS 15, brings improvements to Apple Maps, Face Time, iMessage and more

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Apple kicks off the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2021 event with the iOS 15 announcement, as expected. The iOS 15 software comes packed with several advanced features than ever before. The latest iOS iteration brings updates to Face Time, iMessage, Apple Maps, Weather, Photos and much more. Also Read – Apple WWDC 2021 biggest announcements to expect: iOS 15, new MacBook Pro models, more

iOS 15 makes Face time calls more natural and life like than even before. Face time gets spatial audio and ensures people are better connected than ever. The latest iteration of iOS brings video features to Face time such as portrait mode, which blurs the background and puts the focus on the user’s face. Also Read – WWDC 2021 event livestream: How to watch Apple event online tonight

You can now generate links for Face time calls and send across to your friends and family members. Interestingly, the Face time calls can be joined by Android and other device users as well but only via web. iOS 15 brings SharePlay to Face time calls, which basically allows you to listen together, watch together and also share screen. Also Read – Apple WWDC 2021 entire schedule announced, event keynote on June 7

iOS 15 brings a new look to notifications as well. Apple has introduced notification summary, which basically provides gist of what’s happening in the day, so that you don’t need to go through each and every message you received and save some of your time there. Apple also announced a do not disturb mode with which you can mute all notifications, a feature really needed when you’re at work. Isn’t it?

With iOS 15 comes Focus mode, which allows users to focus on either or personal life or work or another. So, if you are at work, you can choose Work in the Focus mode and get only work updates such as emails, and more. You can also set the timings, for instance, no work after 9pm and more. Apple provides some options, and there are ways to customize focus mode as well.

iOS 15 also brings features such as Live text, it works in a way that when you point the camera at text, it gets highlighted, and you can select, copy and paste it elsewhere. Live text uses a “deep neural network” to scan photos “across the entire system” including photos on the web. It supports seven languages for now. iOS 15 also brings Spotlight universal search which can basically search for photos in the photos collection.

iOS 15 introduces updates for Memories feature. Interestingly, now Memories will add Apple Music automatically in the memories videos and makes it more lively than ever before. The latest iteration of iOS also brings new updates to wallets and weather. The weather app gets redesigned, and more current conditions features.

Lastly, Apple Maps gets new improvements. With the iOS 15, Maps get driving mode which provides more road details such as bus lanes and more.

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