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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC releasing next month

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC has finally got a release date. Ubisoft in an official announcement stated that the second Assassin’s reed Valhalla expansion, The Siege of Paris will go live on August 12. Also Read – Nintendo Direct E3 2021: Metroid Dread, Mario Party Superstars, a new Legend of Zelda and more

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s next big expansion, The Siege of Paris releasing next month

The new chapter will set Eivor off on a new series of quests in Francia. The Seige of Paris follows the Wrath of the Druids expansion and players will get the opportunity to “relive the most ambitious battle in Viking history with key historical figures of war-torn Frankia.” Players will also witness the release of The Siege of Paris soundtrack, which will lead off with “Hásæti”—Seat of Honor on August 12. Also Read – Everything Xbox and Bethesda showcased during E3 2021: Age of Empires IV, Xbox mini-fridge and more

“During this key moment in history, players will infiltrate the fortified city of Paris and the River Seine under a prolonged siege, uncover enemy secrets, and form strategic alliances to safeguard their clan’s future,” the developer cited. Also Read – E3 2021 Ubisoft Forward: Far Cry 6, Just Dance 2022, Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline and more

Ubisoft also revealed that the expansion will bring back black box infiltration missions along with a new objective for the protagonist, new abilities, skills, and gear.

Notably, the release date for the second expansion was revealed as part of Valhalla’s Title update 1.3.0 which is set to roll out on all supported platforms on July 27. The latest update will add several improvements, new content, skills, and level scaling as well. Here’s an insight to the latest update patch note (via Ubisoft Valhalla update page)-

Valhalla’s Title update 1.3.0 patch notes detail

Level Scaling

A new menu option is added to the game to adjust NPC levels based on players’ preferences. One can choose from the following options-

Off = Scaling is turned off; enemies appear exactly as prescribed in the region description.

Default = Lower enemies are brought up to 50 power levels under the player’s level (How the game is intended to be played).

Constant = Enemies will be at least the same power level of the player.

Harder = Enemies will be 30+ power levels above the player.

Nightmarish = Enemies will be 60+ power levels above the player.

Boss encounters and game modes will not be impacted by this as they have their own intended difficulty settings.

Skill Tree Update

As cited by the developer, the Skill Tree has improved visibility for new skills added throughout the post-launch. An option is added that will auto-acquire all the skill nodes required to reach the currently highlighted node (if you have enough skill points available).

New Skills

• Light Fingered: Eivor will now automatically pick up nearby loot with a quick flick of the wrist (without having to press the interact button). • Thrill of War: Gain adrenaline as long as you remain in conflict.

• Heidrun Slam: Press R2 while sprinting to knock enemies back with a powerful knee slam. • Idunn’s Heart: Passively regenerate recent health loss after a short delay.

• Survival Instinct: When at less than a third of health, hold -> for partial healing (Exchange adrenaline for health).

• Wolf Warrior: Your damage increases the lower your health.

The update will also bring quests, side activities, performance, and stability improvements to the table. Besides this, the Sigrblot Festival which will drop in on July 29 will let players celebrate the Summer in a conventional Viking theme. The limited-time event will run from July 29 to August 19 and include new festivities, quests and players can win exclusive festival rewards like a one-handed sword by partaking in the event. One should note that to get into this festival (via PCGamer) you will have to reach England and complete either the Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire narrative arcs, and have the settlement up to level two.

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