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Inspired by founder’s childhood asthma, NuvoAir raises $12M to tackle respiratory illnesses – TechCrunch

You might well have a sleep app that tracks your sleep. I use Sleep Cycle, and have found it has started to even tell...

Memory.ai, the startup behind time-tracking app Timely, raises $14M to build more AI-based productivity apps – TechCrunch

Time is your most valuable asset — as the saying goes — and today a startup called Memory.ai, which is building AI-based productivity tools...

How to play Tetris on the Ubuntu command line

Tetris is our childhood favorite falling blocks game. The 90s generation has literally grown up playing this game and the best thing about it...

10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install

Microsoft Edge is a pretty and decent web browser that comes with Windows OS. This is a powerful web browser after top-ranking Google Chrome....

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