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Battery-operated and solar-powered LED lights that you can buy for Diwali

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One of the biggest hassles while decorating your home with LED lights for Diwali is that you need to deal with extension boards and wires to power them. In fact, most households depend on the location of power sockets inside their rooms while deciding which lights to buy and how to decorate. Also, extension boards and confusing power lines can be hazardous. Not to forget, there’s always a risk of a short circuit when plugging too many lights to one power socket, especially while using affordable LED lights.
Opting for battery-operated lights and solar power Diwali lights instead make the job way easy. You can decorate the way you want without worrying about power source or a wall socket. Also, battery operated lights are not too expensive.
There are two kinds of battery operated lights– one which needs two or four AA pencil batteries and the other kind comes with a USB plug which can be plugged to any power bank or USB power source. It goes without saying that if you have multiple power banks, opting for LED lights with a USB socket makes more sense as you need not worry about the battery life. Also, you can use a regular mobile adapter to plug them to the wall socket.
On the other hand, the AA battery-powered lights will be good for limited or one-time usage. The battery usually lasts for eight to 10 hours of continuous usage. Depending on the location and type of light you want, you choose to opt for them.
Alternatively, you can also opt for solar powered LED lights. There are several types of solar powered lights like multi-coloured ring lights or even a simple LED strip that is connected to a solar power sensor. Solar lights are usually a bit expensive. Also, you will have to keep in mind to decorate the solar LED lights in advance during day time so that the solar panels get sufficient sunlight to get fully charged.
Here are some battery-powered and solar lights you can check out to get an idea: Solar Decorative Lights for Home Garden ( link), Satyam Kraft 30 Bulbs Solar Powered LED String Light ( link), USB Operated Wire Decorative Fairy Lights ( link) and AA battery Operated string Light ( link).

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