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Battlegrounds Mobile India latest teaser readies us for chicken dinner

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is all the hype these days. Especially when it will act as a replacement to PUBG Mobile, which is sadly banned in the country. With each passing day, Krafton is trying to fuel people’s excitement by teasing little things regarding the game. While we don’t have an official launch date yet, we do have some idea about the game. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India receives 20 million pre-registrations in just two weeks

Adding onto the same, the most latest teaser hints at another reference to PUBG Mobile with a pinch of nostalgia and an inkling that it is launching soon. Here’s a look at the details. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India will get this PUBG Mobile-like feature, new teaser reveals

New Battlegrounds Mobile India teaser revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile‘s social media handles have released a new teaser that a lot than meets the eye, Firstly, it says that “it’s almost time” for the game’s launch to take place. This means that the launch is expected to take place super soon. There are chances that it could launch on June 18, which has been rumoured for a while now, or, it could be a bit sooner too. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India APK file size, gameplay, maps: All that matches PUBG Mobile

The teaser also wants people to get ready for their ‘chicken dinner,’ which is a popular PUBG Mobile term used when a player or team wins the match. This gives rise to nostalgia and further ignites our excitement.

This is another indication of the fact that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be heavily inspired by PUBG Mobile. This is surprising as it was Krafton who called people out for drawing any comparisons between the two games.

Recently, it was revealed that the game will include the UAZ off-road vehicle, which is taken from PUBG Mobile. This is a popular vehicle that was a part of the renowned Erangel map, which will also make it to the game’s rebranded version in India, except, it will be called ‘Erangle.’

Furthermore, the player in the latest teaser throws light on the PUBG Mobile-esque costumes too. There are chances that the inventory could be the same too.

Confirmed details say that it will come with better security than the PUBG Mobile and will impose a restriction on the gameplay so that people play in control.

To reiterate, there’s no word on when the game is launching. But, it is available for pre-registration via the Google Play Store. All you need to do is head to the Play Store > Search for Battlegrounds Mobile > Tap on the Register option and you’re done.

Once you are pre-registered, you will get notified on when Battlegrounds Mobile will be available to play and there are some rewards in store too.

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