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Best Gaming PCs Under $500 – Linux Hint

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Gaming PCs are known to have high-end processors and graphic cards. Whether you are a professional gamer or a newbie, you will need a gaming PC for a seamless gaming experience. The demand for gaming PCs increased after the boom in ESports. Nowadays, buying the right gaming PC is not easy due to the large variety of options available in the market. Nonetheless, you can customize your gaming PC according to your preferences, but you can buy pre-built PCs if you need it sooner. Proper guidance is the key to ensure that you are investing in the right gaming PC. If you are looking for a gaming PC with a budget of $500, then this article is undoubtedly for you. We are going to list the best gaming PCs in the price segment of 500 dollars. Let’s start:

Things to Consider Before Buying A Gaming PC

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right gaming PC. We have listed significant factors only.


Processor is the most important specification of a gaming PC. The performance of any PC depends upon its processor. The main feature that you need to consider is its processor cores. Core count varies from 2 to 16 cores. A 6-core chip will be a good preference to start. However, if you’re looking for high-end processing, then you can opt for 8 cores.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Another Vital component for gaming PCs is its GPU or graphic card. GPU is responsible for high frame rates and playing high-resolution screens. GPUs can be selected according to their RAM, TDP (Thermal Design Power), and Memory Speed. In the case of RAM, you can choose 4GB to start with and 6GB for high-end gaming. Two major companies in the market are AMD and Nvidia.


RAM memory for a gaming PC shouldn’t be overlooked. You can choose a PC with 16 GB RAM. Some pre-built PCs come with up to 64 Gb of RAM, which’s unnecessary. This increases the price of PC nothing else.


The other feature that you need to look for is storage. Always prefer SSD over HDD. This will increase your PC’s processing speed. A 512GB is more than enough to store your games and other files. You can go for 1TB if you intend to store bigger files.


The chassis of a PC doesn’t only contribute to its looks. As we know, gaming PCs are very prone to heating issues. So, always choose a PC with a well-ventilated chassis.

Top 5 Gaming PCs Under $500

Let’s now list out the best-prebuilt gaming PCs you can buy in the price segment of $500. Here we go:

Skytech Gaming Shadow 2 is purely designed according to gaming aesthetics. The gaming getup makes it quite aggressive. It has Ryzen 5 1400 processor, 16 Gb DDR4 RAM memory with heat spreader, and Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU.

The powerful GPU in this gaming PC makes high-resolution games playable. It weighs around 29.9 pounds and doesn’t occupy much space on the table. This PC can easily be upgraded. The RGB lighting with a see-through panel looks quite attractive. Although it comes with a 1 TB HDD, SSD is not present.

Pros Cons
Better Performance No SSD
Ready for Upgrades No Card Reader
See-through Side Panel

Specification Table for Skytech Gaming Shadow 2

Processor Ryzen 7 1400, Quad-Core
Memory 16 Gb DDR4, 2400 MHz
Storage 1 TB HDD, 7200 RPM
Graphics Card (GPU) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4Gb
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Weight 29.9 Pounds

The next one on our list is AVGPC Max III. This gaming PC is the best one to start with as it comes with Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-Core 3.1GHz processor. Other major specs in this PC are 8GB DDR4 RAM, GeForce GTX 1050 2GB GPU, and 500 GB SSD.

MAX III got all major ports to connect the peripherals. The CPU gaming cooler master is also provided for free with a 1-year warranty and free support. It weighs around 27.6 pounds and is available in color black.

The best part is that it comes with SSD, which makes the processing quite fast. However, you can face some storage issues, but you can counter those by installing an external SSD. In terms of sound, this PC is tranquil even in extreme gameplays. The see-through side panel with variation in RGB lights makes it quite attractive and gives that gaming theme.

Pros Cons
SSD For faster processing The case could be better
Good Customer support Not for high-end gaming
See-through Side Panel

Specification Table for AVGPC MAX III Gaming

Processor Ryzen 3 1200, Quad-Core
Memory 8 Gb DDR4
Graphics Card Ram Size 4 GB
Storage 500 GB SSD
Graphics Card (GPU) GTX 1650
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10
Weight 27.6 pounds

When talking about the best gaming PCs, we can’t ignore Allied Gaming Javelin Mini Desktop. This powerful gaming PC is packed with Ryzen 3 3100 CPU, AMD Radeon Vega Graphics Card, and 8Gb DDR4 2666 MHz RAM.

The 240 Gb SSD is not ample for storage, but you can use an external HDD. The RGB lighting in the fans is unique and attractive. Even if the processor is dual-core, it is relatively better in performance for newbies.

In case you find it slowing down, you can upgrade it with a new GPU as it already has a PSU for supplying enough power.

Pros Cons Multithreading Dual Core Strong PSU for upgrades Requires upgrades in a short time ARRGB lightening case with dual fans

Specification Table for Allied Javelin Mini Desktop PC

Processor Ryzen 3 3100
RAM Memory 8 Gb DDR4
Graphics Card Ram Size 8 GB
Storage 240 GB SSD
Graphics Card (GPU) AMD Radeon Vega Graphics (Integrated)
Weight 11.48 pounds

The next gaming PC on our list is CUK ASRock Deskmini. As the name indicates, it is a Mini Gaming Rig that is best for entry-level and intermediate gamers. The processor chips attached are Ryzen 3 2200G. Major specifications include 512 Gb NVMe SSD, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, and AMD Radeon RX V8 graphics card as it has no standalone GPU. The combination of SSD, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, and 2200G processor delivers an overall healthy performance during gameplay. This PC will be the best choice if you are looking for a budget gaming PC. Since the SSD storage is not large enough, you will have to attach an external HDD to store your games and files. The build quality gives a sturdy look to the PC.

Pros Cons Comes With SSD Hard to upgrade 3-Year CUK Limited Warranty No RGB lighting

Specification Table for CUK ASRock Deskmini

Processor 3.6 GHz amd_r_series
RAM Memory 8 Gb DDR4
Memory Speed 3200 MHz
Storage 512 GB SSD
Graphics Card(GPU) AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
Weight 7 pounds

Lenovo M93P Small form factor high performance is also one of the notable gaming PCs under $500. It is powered by an Intel Core I7-4770 3.4Ghz processor, a NEW NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 2GB GPU, 256 Gb SSD, and 16 Gb of SD RAM. The product weighs around 20 pounds. The major ports available are the VGA port, Serial port, Display Port, USB 2.0, USB 3.o, and ethernet cable port. The major powerful specs that will surely make you top in your competitors. The good thing is that this PC package comes with key gaming components such as Keyboard, Mouse, WiFi adapter, and Power Cord. However, this product is available as renewed, but still, the testing process can be trusted, and you can go for this one. The chassis looks quite simple and is devoid of RGB lighting.

Pros Cons Comes With a 256 Gb SSD Renewed Core I7 processor No RGB lighting Free gaming accessories

Specification Table for Lenovo M93P

Processor Intel Core I7-4770 3.4Ghz
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
RAM Memory 16 Gb SD-RAM
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Storage 256 GB SSD
Weight 20 pounds

Pre-built or Custom Gaming PC. Which One to Buy?

Well, the answer to this is subjective to your gaming level and preferences. Pre-built PCs come with pre-packed configurations, which might have some limitations for you. But in case you have just started gaming, then Pre-built PCs are a good choice. On the other hand, if you are an expert gamer, you can go for a custom PC build with your choice’s hardware configurations. One thing worth mentioning here is that custom PCs can be a mess for you if you cannot assemble parts on your own. However, there are some agencies that assemble your PC with your selected configurations. Prebuild PCs are also cheaper than Custom Build PCs.


Choosing the right PC is not an easy task nowadays as there are multiple options available. I have mentioned the best gaming PCs available, around $500. You can select the right one for you from the list. In case you don’t like any of them, you can check other options available over the internet but keep the major specification mentioned above in your mind.

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