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Best GTA games: the Grand Theft Auto series ranked ahead of GTA 6

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It looks like it’s going to be a while before we get our hands on GTA 6 – with rumors suggesting we may be waiting until 2025 for the highly-anticipated new Grand Theft Auto.

Hype surrounding GTA 6 is at a fever pitch, with the rumor mill in full swing speculating about where the new GTA will take place, who the playable characters will be and what new features it will bring with it. After all, the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most lauded – if not controversial – game series of all time, with entries spanning main instalments, expansion packs and ports. But which GTA games are the best?

Here at TechRadar, we’ve taken the liberty of ranking every key GTA game, expansion and port from worst to best. The entries in this list may not all be core Grand Theft Auto games, and not every port makes an appearance, but those selected are the entries we feel are keystones in the GTA series. So, read on for the best GTA games ranked.

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15. Grand Theft Auto / GTA 2 (Game Boy / Game Boy Color)

Ambitious but flawed, it takes some guts to try to squeeze even the top-down GTA games onto the old Game Boy handhelds. And while they’re not the smoothest (or enjoyable) ways to play GTA, they’re impressive efforts from a technical point of view. Toned down in terms of violence and language to suit a more delicate Nintendo audience, what they don’t dial back is the scale of the game, which are a match for the home console and PC versions of the original titles.

Images from the Grand Theft Auto series

(Image credit: Rockstar)

14. GTA Advance

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