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Best heavy-duty monitor stand – Linux Hint

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A few years ago, maximum weight specifications for a monitor stand was hardly a consideration. Most monitors had in-built stands. Monitors that needed stands could go with any stand. This changed with the introduction of Ultra-wide and super ultra-wide monitors. Naturally, such monitors needed the best heavy-duty monitor stand you can get.

That’s why in this buyer’s guide, we’re reviewing the top five heavy-duty monitor arms. Some of these beasts can support up to 33 pounds of load without even budging an inch. For our top picks, we considered other specs as well, such as extendable arm length, mount type, design, and flexibility. We’ll get to that in the second portion of the article. But first, let’s begin with our reviews.

Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand

We’re starting off our reviews with the best of the best. Of course, aesthetics, aluminum construction, a height of 13 inches, and a weight capacity of 25 pounds inspired our choice. But, there’s much more to this premium single monitor stand.

Starting with the adjustability, its full articulating arm supports multiple angles to prevent any uncomfortable posture. To be more specific, the monitor tilt ranges from 5 degrees forward to 70 degrees backward. You can also switch between the landscape and portrait mode by turning the stand through 180 degrees. Best thing? You don’t need any tool for adjustment. Position it as you please, whenever you want with your bare hands.

The installation is a breeze, as this stand is DIY-friendly. The C clamp is suitable for 0.4-2.4 inches of desktop thickness. Keep in mind; it’s not a portable stand, so if you travel often and want to bring this monitor stand along, DON’T!

That said, a little color variance would have certainly helped the aesthetics. It’s only available in a black finish, which is not bad, mind you. But it’s no way a deal-breaker. Overall, considering the design and performance, the Amazon Basics Premium monitor stand is top of the line model. It’s appropriate for office and home use.

Buy Here: Amazon

WALI Dual Monitor Gas Spring Desk Mount

The second best heavy-duty monitor stand comes from WALI. This heavy-duty mount can carry two 33 pounds of monitors. Besides, it can tilt from +35 to 35 degrees, rotate a full circle, swivel from +90 to -90 degrees, and max-height up to 23.62 inches. This makes it ideal for 13 to 27 inches LCD or LED monitors.

The design is characterized by a high-grade aluminum and steel composite that extends its durability. Not only is it strong, but also rust-resistant. The arms, the base, and mounts are rock solid and stable. After mounting, you just have to fine-tune and tighten the screws and other parts.

The grommet base and C clamp ensure a steady connection with your monitors and desk. We recommend tightening and adding some tension to the mainspring as it does the heavy lifting. This stand also has a cable management mechanism to keep your desk clutter-free.

So what’s the problem then? Poor instruction manual. The instructions don’t point to the right screws. However, if you have assembled monitor stands before, you shouldn’t have any trouble putting two and two together here.

Buy Here: Amazon

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

Professionals like graphics designers and programmers have to work with multiple monitors to increase productivity. However, two screens on a desk occupy more space and leave the very little workspace. That’s where Huanuo dual monitor stand can help. It can hold two monitors simultaneously and independently. Sounds incredible, right?

Even with a max load capacity of 17.6 pounds on each arm, the Huanuo stands its ground. It utilizes gas spring arms like the WALI dual monitor stand mentioned above. The arms offer greater rotation (full circle) and -95 to 85 degrees tilt. You can also swivel the monitors up to 180 degrees max. Therefore regardless of where you sit, you can switch between the portrait and landscape mode and still have a perfect viewing angle.

The mount comes equipped with a 2.36 inches C clamp. Besides clamp mounting, it also supports grommet mounting for greater stability. In addition, the triangle base also increases stability, especially when working with two monitors. You can also remove one arm if you like.

So, what’s the problem then? It’s challenging to assemble. The instruction manual isn’t much help either if you’re installing for the first time. Nevertheless, if you get past assembly first few times, this stand is an amazing value for the price.

Buy Here: Amazon

LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor

The Ergotron LX Desk Mount is another best heavy-duty monitor stand. This single monitor mount can hold weight up to 25 pounds, and it is suitable for up to 34 inches monitors. It’s available in 2 different sizes and three colors to suit your unique requirements.

The desk stand is made of heavy-duty aluminum joints and springs. Initially, it takes some getting used to properly attune to the weight. But afterward, this thing doesn’t budge when holding your screen in any position. What’s more, the stand features twist ties that help with wire management. You can easily tuck in all the wires to the frame for a neat, tidy look.

The positioning is great. You can move the monitor vertically or horizontally if you like. This ability is indispensable for comfort, especially when you have to stare at your monitor for hours. The arm is not designed to be portable. However, you can take it apart quite easily with a screwdriver and two Allen wrenches. It’s quite heavy, though.

The only downside is the lack of parts. Unfortunately, Ergotron makes no replaceable parts as they deal only in bulk. So, if you misplace any joint during assembly, good luck!

Buy Here: Amazon

Mount-It! Premium Single Monitor Arm Desk Mount

This Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Mount features a full-motion gas spring arm. Both the arm and stand itself are sturdy. You can move it around the place, and the stand will stay. Be sure to take enough supplements, though, because this thing is definitely not lightweight.

It boasts a fantastic load capacity of up to 33 pounds, making it a great option for large or ultrawide monitors. Because of the VESA extensions, it can hold monitors up to 35 inches and sometimes even bigger. That’s right, and some people are able to mount 43 inches LG 43UD79-B monitor on it without any problem.

The gas spring arm allows for smooth to stiff movements depending on your angle. Hence you can perfect your workspace throughout the day. You can also Swivel, tilt, and rotate your monitor to the desired angle. The stand comes with a cable management holder, two USB 3.0, and two multimedia ports.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust the tension when you’re going from landscape to portrait mode. Any horizontal controls would have improved its ranking on our list.

Buy Here: Amazon

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Heavy-Duty Monitor Stand

Before purchasing any heavy-duty monitor stand, consider the following:


The first and foremost is flexibility. Your monitor stand and its arms should offer maximum flexibility possible. Heavy-duty stands are usually less flexible because of a stiff frame. We’d recommend going for the fully adjustable stand. Such stands allow you to adjust different positions and angles as per your requirements.

Gas spring or mechanical spring

Screen mounts utilize either gas springs or mechanical springs within the arms for height adjustments. If your stand uses mechanical spring, make sure they’re delicate enough to allow easy height adjustments. Most mounts use gas springs these days. A gas spring is similar to what you see in car suspensions. It enables your stand to support up to 40lbs while staying vertically adjustable.


For durability and strength, go for a model with heavy-duty aluminum or steel construction. Aluminum stands are lightweight yet durable enough to last a long time. Some high end stands come in the corrosion-resistant coating. Also, don’t forget to check the maximum load capacity. So that you know whether the stand is strong enough to support your monitor or not.

Cable Management

Does your stand feature an integrated cable management system? The best heavy-duty monitor stand will have a prebuilt cable management mechanism. This keeps all the cables away from your eyes to better organize your workspace.

Mount Holders

Stands utilize VESA holders to connect the monitor and the stand. The most common VESA size is 200 x 200mm for monitors up to 32 inches. Before purchasing a stand, check whether the VESA really matches with your monitor holes. In case you don’t know the VISA size of your monitor, get a measuring tape and measure the distance between the four holes horizontally and vertically.

Final Thoughts

No matter your set up, we hope you find the best heavy-duty monitor stand in this list. If not, go through the buyer’s guide portion of the article to know what features you need to examine before purchasing a monitor stand. Heavy-duty mounts are quite an investment, so keep your monitor dimensions in mind as well. That’s about it. Thank you for reading!

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