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Best Load Balancing Dual-Band Routers for the Money – Linux Hint

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In this day and age, we’re heavily reliant on the internet. Everyone wants to have a fast internet connection, which fulfills their needs. A dual wan router is a perfect solution for anyone suffering from slow internet due to improper load balancing.

Although many internet service providers (ISP) claim to offer the most rewarding experience, one can’t depend on a single ISP, especially if the internet usage is high.

This is where the dual wan routers play their magic. This product allows the user to switch between different internet networks and balance the load. It is basically a router fitted with two WAN ports used to connect with two internet connections simultaneously.

In this article, we take a look at the best options out there. Let’s dive in!

1. Ubiquiti Networks Edgerouter Lite 3-Port Router

This is what you would call an “enthusiast router.” It has a feature set of an expansive unit and still comes at a regular Linksys cost. The Edge router Lite is the world’s leading affordable WAN router, capable of routing 1 million packets per second on a quiet, fanless operation. Plus, it’s fast. Real fast!

Setting up a basic network is pretty straightforward. The default settings will get you rolling right out of the box. However, to ensure full gigabit support, we suggest you enable Offloading to the hardware. The offloading instructions are available online. Any average home user can do it from the Command Line Interface.

Keep in mind; this is only a router. There are no switched ports on its compact casing. You will have to wire the output of port 1 or 2 to a gigabit switch to feed other Wi-Fi networks or hardware. With Offloading activated and feeding through a gigabit switch, you can get the same gigabit speed as you measure from the Fios ONT.

Overall, it’s a pretty reliable piece of equipment. The scalability and settings are top-notch. Although it is a small router with a very cheap price tag, its outstanding performance and fast results will surprise you. Both office and home users will benefit from its enterprise-level features.

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2. Peplink Balance 20 Dual-WAN Router

This dual WAN router is perfect for home offices and power users. That’s because it’s equipped with features such as seven advanced load balancing algorithms, 2 WAN ports, 5 VPN peers, 150 Mbps throughput, and a 4-port GE LAN switch.

With the internet, everyone wants speed, and this router achieves high speed by shifting traffic to various internet links. The Speed Fusion bandwidth bonding technology combines multiple connections into a high-speed connection.

Moreover, to achieve higher efficiency, the router permits subscribing to a large number of internet connections. These swapping users to many internet connections, including cable internet and ADSL, are a swift process.

This router is unique because you can lower internet expenses while simultaneously improving performance. The router cuts off the T1 line and any connection, which is expensive. Even a cheap link like the DSL can be added to the system. You simply need to add internet connections, and afterward, the automatic health check will supervise the internet link’s status.

The Peplink router manages traffic easily too. If a link failure occurs, traffic is rerouted. A special outbound traffic manager is responsible for routing maximum volume traffic. So, you can get 100% Internet Uptime even with 13 connections.

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3- Linksys Business Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router (LRT224)

This dual wan router boasts advanced network configurations and a strong access rule editor. With these highlights, it easily earns a spot somewhere between the midrange to an enterprise-grade router.

Therefore, it is ideal for growing businesses that demand a secured network service. Secure remote access to the VPN is obtained from the OpenVPN support, accessible from all gadgets.

Coming back to the access rule editor, it manages the basic configurations like PPTP, OpenVPN, and IKE. Most of the setup is operated by the Maintenance tab and Configuration tab. As for the available configurations, they are 1-1 network address translation (NAT), tagged virtual LANs (VLANs), and dual stock configuration (specifically for IPV6 and IPV4).

Since businesses want tons of connections, the router offers L2TP, Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, Transparent Bridge mode, and PPTP. These are displayed on the intuitive configuration screen. The quick swapping of these connections with the dual WAN load balancing saves Internet bandwidth as well.

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4. Cisco Systems Gigabit VPN Router (RV320K9NA)

Cisco Systems Gigabit is a desktop dual wan router with an external power supply. It’s equipped with four 10/100/1000 LAN ports and two 10/100/1000 WAN. Basically, it’s a 12-series Cisco small business router, perfect for business continuity due to the dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports.

Moreover, it ticks off the affordability and efficiency requirements as it’s pretty low-cost. Both 3G and 4G modem support are available. Quickly transferring huge files among multiple users is done easily. Security is guaranteed by hardware encryption and Stateful packet inspection (SPI).

The reasons why it’s apt for small scale business is a throughput of 900 Mbps, attentive admin GUI user-friendly interface on the firewall, and protocol based on load balancing. Furthermore, its CPU is located underneath a big heatsink, and it is a dual-core Cavium CN5020 operating at 300 MHz. This offers a lot of power!

Business owners will surely benefit from the 20,000 sessions that can be conducted simultaneously. Besides, you can work in peace because the case guarantees an uninterrupted airflow transition, and the passive cooling makes it operate quietly. The configuration, installation, and management for the VLAN, MAC filtering, and DHCP relay setup are also a breeze.

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5. Synology RT2600ac – dual-band Gigabit Wi-Fi router

Stellar performance and balanced flexibility are the top reasons this dual wan router is famous. The Wi-Fi performance is top-notch, and it supports many router configurations. It basically revolves around Synology Router Manager (SRM) operating system, giving an outstanding NAS range which is a great advantage for all customers.

Some of the features which are not usually found in other dual wan routers are present in this product. For instance, it boasts a long-range SD card slot, easy to understand web interface, two USB ports, a strong network storage server combined with an external hard drive. These features justify the claim that it’s a great media server. The cherry on top is that it supports dual WAN connections and MU-MIMO data streaming.

What’s more, with this device, you can view historical usage reports and control live traffic usage, limiting connections at your whim. You can also assign bandwidth priority to particular clients. These tools allow easy management.

That said, with tons of features and convenience, Synology’s mid-range RT2600ac router has the best media server capabilities in the bunch. It’s an overall phenomenal router with several enterprise-level features inside a consumer-grade router box.

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Best Dual WAN router – A Buyer’s Guide

Good quality dual wan routers are crucial to enhance internet connection for all gadgets. For you to easily find your ideal router, keep these factors in mind.

Scaling requirements

Scaling requirements operate the hardware and framework. Both the fixed chassis and customized chassis are the most important chassis types. From these two options, the customized or modular chassis is preferred. This is because it allows changing various router components, which helps in scaling the network edge. Modular chassis also encourages the changing of port, memory, and CPU to adjust to the network swapping feedback.

Throughput needs

A good dual wan router can tolerate the data flow you are presently managing and your future needs. You should not pick a router to handles the current flow with adjustments because it won’t withstand your future network’s needs.
It’s a long-term investment which is why it needs to offer results in the coming years. Many routers can get upgraded to improve the throughput to help the network for a long time. But, not all.

Connectivity choices

Review your network before purchasing a router. Consider the factors of router location, customer requirements, and network strength impact connectivity.
Search for a router compatible with different connection types. This will determine its ability to support the ever-changing technological trends. The following connectivity choices should be included in your choice:

  • T2 and T3 connections
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber handoffs
  • Gigabit Ethernet over fiber (consisting of single and multimode)
  • Gigabit Ethernet copper
  • Radio networks
  • Mobile backend and overhaul connectivity
  • Legacy TDM F1 connections

Miscellaneous capabilities

It would be best if you searched for a router to perfectly helps your business for a minimum of 5 years, based on how you are using the network and where it is lagging. In this age, a software-defined network is essential. This is because it provides operational efficiency and network profitability.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned dual wan routers are the best available options in the market. Since most of today’s businesses have gone online, it has become important to buy a dual wan router that reduces downtime by rerouting the data traffic to the working link. Doing so will also increase your productivity and benefit your business. We hope you can find a suitable option with the information provided in this article. Thank you for reading.

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