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Best Precision Screwdriver – Linux Hint

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A precision screwdriver is the most useful tool in your toolbox. Do you want to change the battery of your little one’s toy? Call mister tiny screwdriver. Want to swap out the switchboard? A screwdriver is your best pal. Need to access the internals of any electronic gadget? A precision screwdriver is here to help. You have to take this little guy’s help every now and then. That’s why we bring you 2020’s best precision screwdriver set.

Our reviews cover screwdriver sets that are appropriate for different budgets. So, whether you are a hobbyist or a master of tools, you will find a worthwhile precision screwdriver here. Besides, we have also included some useful buying tips in this article to help you find a suitable screwdriver set easily. Without further ado, let us get started!

1. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

As the name suggests, this impressive model is designed for the pro technicians. It comes with not just a dozen or two add-ons but 64 different screwdriver bits and pieces to enhance your work efficiency. You read that, right! Apart from the screwdriver bits, this toolkit includes magnetic pads, tweezers, spudgers, and spanners. Honestly, nothing comes to mind if we talk about the purposes of them all.

iFixit claims to have incorporated hundreds of repair manuals into their intelligent design so that you get all the tools no matter the task at hand. The bits are made of highly-abrasion-resistant carbon-chromium alloy steel. It is safe to say that the bits will outlast every other tool in your toolbox. Just do not drop (and lose) these tiny helpers in the grass!

That said, the iFixit Pro Tech is the most expensive toolkit on our list. But, it is also the only one covered by iFixit’s lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty is the primary reason why professionals should prefer this toolkit over other options. This can save you from extra spendings down the road. Secondly, if a piece breaks down, you can simply order a new one instead of purchasing the entire toolkit yet again.

Buy Here: Amazon

2. Wiha 26194 Screwdriver Set

It is the steel and grind that makes for a great screwdriver. If the steel is soft, the driver will peen, and if the geometry is improper, the screws will strip. When you put proper grind on quality steel and add some ergonomic handles, you get the four-piece Wiha 26194 Screwdrivers set.

Its handles are textured, making them firm to hold and use. The taper on the handles gives you more options for grip and torque. The steel tips are excellent. They are delicately machined and fit their screws well, even on low-quality fasteners. The steel is strong enough and will not twist or break into two the first time it rolls off your table and hits the floor. Neither will it break on heavy twisting. The rotating red cap is a nice distinctive feature. You can put pressure on the tip where it hits against the screw and rotate the screwdriver tip simultaneously, without worrying about breaking it.

The overall build quality of the Wiha Screwdriver set is excellent! Initially, it seems expensive, but you donot have to replace it every three months, making it much cheaper in the long run, like any other best precision screwdriver set.

Buy Here: Amazon

3. WeraKraftform Micro Screwdriver Set

The WeraKraftform Micro Screwdriver Set comes in an easy to store and flexible pouch instead of a plastic case. The pouch contains unmark slots for different precision screwdrivers, which is a minor inconvenience since identifying which screwdriver takes some getting used to. It is also different from other sets because it is not a single screwdriver unit that needs to be fitted with replaceable bits time and again. It has multiple screwdrivers, and we believe that it justifies the above-average price.

That said, there is plenty to rave about this screwdriver set, like the fact that every screwdriver has an ergonomic shape that resists rolling when you place it on a relatively smooth surface. They are also fitted with a swivel cap for quick twisting of tiny screws with just your fingertips. The screwdriver tips are precision machined, sharp, well-made, and resistant to corrosion. So, you are definitely passing this screwdriver set on to your children.

The only downside is that screwdrivers are not magnetic. You will have to purchase the Wera magnetizer (an add-on) to go with these, which means shelling out some more money to get the most out of your purchase. Aside from this, the WeraKraftform Micro Screwdriver set is one of the most luxurious set you can find today. Though a higher price point means only professionals will find it most useful.

Buy Here: Amazon

4. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

This is a budget-friendly, multi-bit screwdriver set designed for small gadgets like smartphones, wristwatches, tablets, glasses, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. Besides, it comes with multiple prying tools that work really well for all sorts of repairs. To help with your routine repair projects, the package includes a SIM card remover, utility knife, wrist strap, tweezers, LCD suction cup, triangle plectrum, plastic & metal spudgers, and a stainless steel ruler.

The screwdriver bits are manufactured with CRV steel. With hardness levels reaching the HRC52-56 standard, these are functional yet not as durable as our first two picks. Moreover, The screwdriver has an anti-skid design, which feels firm and steady in hand. When working with harder materials, you can even connect it to a 6.35 electric screwdriver for convenience.

Our only complaint is that the magnetic head should have been a little bit more powerful. It can barely hold the screws pulled from the screw hole. But, hey, a little help is still better than no help! All in all, the ORIA precision screwdriver kit is an excellent value for the money. The bits are easy to use, the screwdriver is ergonomic, and the material is good enough to last a long time.

Buy Here: Amazon

5. XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Set

Xool 80 in 1 Precision set is a multipurpose tool kit to serve all popular gadgets. There are 80 components in this toolkit. Apart from the 58 S2 steel screwdriver bits, this precision set includes a utility knife, anti-static tweezers & wrist strap, SIM card ejector pin, LCD Suction Cup, and plastic & metal spudgers, triangular plectrum, SIM shells, and a Magnetizing and demagnetizing tool.

The toolkit itself is well-made. The Screwdrivers feel very lightweight, yet we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coupler and extension rod, which still manages a solid connection. The grip of each tool is comfortable to hold and manipulate, irrespective of the amount of force. The case is well-organized, and every tool has a place that is easy to get to and replace, without needing to sort through different layers to retrieve the one you want. The selection of tools alone takes care of most of your needs working on everything from computers to smartphones, drones, eyeglasses, small appliances, and whatnot.

XOOL’s precision set comes in a fun, oxford-style carrying bag. It is tiny enough to fit without taking much space inside your toolbox. It is also stronger than plastic enclosures you often find these tools in. With all that said, if you are on a budget and still want a precision screwdriver set that includes all the tools for electronics, go for Xool. It is suitable for both professionals as well as amateurs.

Buy Here: Amazon

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Precision Screwdriver Set

Everyone has different needs. Therefore, an ideal precision screwdriver set is different for everyone. Consider these factors before purchasing a precision set to safeguard your money and efforts:


Of course, more variety in screwdrivers and bits means greater versatility. You can utilize such toolkits to install or repair more devices. Still, more does not always mean better. Check the size of every component to ensure it fits your needs. Certainly, it will not help if you get a screwdriver set that includes dozens of bits you will never use.


Does your kit come with a single screwdriver and multiple detachable add-ons or a handful of screwdrivers with permanent components? Both of these types can work. However, each has different advantages. A set with only one primary screwdriver contains more bits, so you get more variety. But they are harder to use and maintain. On the other hand, screwdrivers with fixed bits are easy to use. You do not have to worry about fallen bits every now and then, but they offer less versatility.


Consider the material of screwdrivers before you purchase. Most of them are durable and rust-resistant, but only a handful of manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Anything made with chrome vanadium or S2 steel will work. Anti-corrosion coating is another plus. Handles are usually made of durable plastic. Make sure it is ergonomic for added comfort.


Alright, this may seem minor, but it is actually crucial. Precision screwdriver sets in a pouch are easy to organize compared to sets that just throw everything in a container. Kits that come in cases are good too. Such kits can be used consistently for a long time as everything is clearly marked and organized in specific slots. So, prefer a case over the pouch and a pouch over a single container.

Final Thoughts

After going through the reviews and buyer’s guide, take a moment to consider what you need and then go with your gut feeling. All of them are a solid choice. You can choose them or any other quality set. Either way, we are sure you will get the best precision screwdriver set to repair your gadgets, furniture, and other electronics with ease. Good luck, and thank you for reading!

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