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Big Change coming for WhatsApp users following Facebook’s name change to Meta

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Last week, Mark Zuckerberg headed Facebook changed its name to Meta with the aim to focus on Metaverse, the future ambition of the tech giant. Zuckerberg said that he no longer wants people to know Facebook as just a social media company and hence the name of the company has been changed. Also Read – How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone in simple steps

So, the parent company will now be called Meta but the name of the apps/platforms offered will continue to be called the same. This simply means, Facebook app will be known as Facebook, WhatsApp will be referred to as WhatsApp, Instagram will be called Instagram and so on. Also Read – WhatsApp stops working on these phones: Who are affected, should you be worried?

As per the latest report, the new name change will bring some changes for millions of WhatsApp users present worldwide. Also Read – Meta (Facebook) bets high on VR, acquires Within the developers ‘Supernatural’ VR fitness app

Change coming for WhatsApp users

As per a latest report coming from WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp app that previously mentioned “WhatsApp from Facebook”. Now, as per the latest report, the instant messaging will now include “WhatsApp by Meta” instead of Facebook.

The latest report suggest that the change is already reflected or rolling out for beta users, both Android and iOS. Eventually, the change will be rolled out for everyone else globally in the upcoming days. The exact timeline of the roll out hasn’t been revealed as of yet.

The report also noted that the Settings page of the app will also see the change. The page previously mentioned “WhatsApp from Facebook” but now that has been revealed. Eventually, we could see the new “WhatsApp from Meta” written in the page.

Facebook to Meta: But why?

Announcing the name change, CEO Zuckerberg said that the name Facebook doesn’t completely encompass everything that the company does now and is just linked to just one product. “Over time, I hope we are seen as a metaverse company,” he said.

At the Connect 2021 virtual event last week. Zuckerberg said that the name change will not transition the company’s corporate structure but will be a change in how the company reports financial results. Read to know more.

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