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Birthday Mini , A New Feature Launched By Snapchat 2021

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Snapchat has introduced a new feature called, ‘Birthday Mini’, in all over the world. Birthday Mini admits users to keep spoor of all their friends’ birthdays easily. It lets to send birthday wishes and greeting cards and also it prompts their friends birthdays. It also provide a list of current and forthcoming birthdays.

The new feature of snapchat displays the birthdays lay out by zodiac sign in a different tab. The birthday greetings provided by snapchat will also encompass with special stickers and separate lenses for people to send to each other.

The Snapchat users who have pick out to have their birthdays enumerated on their Snapchat profiles will have their birthdays assigned in the Birthdays Mini list. Snapchat wont display the year of birth and age of the user to public.

“Built by Snap, the Birthdays Mini is available globally starting today. You can find the Mini behind the rocket icon in Chat or through the Search bar,” Snapchat said in a statement.

How to ingress this new feature ??

  • Goto appstore and update Snapchat to its latest version.
  • Open the app and open any chat on it by tapping on the rocket icon.
  • Goto Birthday Mini.

“The Birthdays Mini is in addition to the existing Minis and Games that are available within the Snapchat app. These provide people with fun ways to have a social experience with people that have something in common. There are a number of Minis and Games on Snapchat including Ludo Club, Word Blitz, Prediction Master, Headspace, and more.”

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