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Boxing Day sales live: the best deals from Amazon, Currys, John Lewis and more

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Right, no time for pre-amble or welcoming you to the live blog this time – let’s get right to it. 

GAME is offering a pre-order on the PS5 console and bundles too – according to the retailer, it’s got a number of options available for sale, from the basic console all the way up to bundles including clothing, extra games and controller cases too.

All of them are slated for release on January 21st, but that’s something that could change – I’d anticipate that the console-only deal will be in high demand, so I think going for a bundle would be good.

The Miles Morales and FIFA 11 bundle for £626 looks a decent option, although sniff around and see if any others take your fancy. Maybe they’ll all stay in stock, or will all deliver on the day, but if not… I think the more detailed bundles will ship first.

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