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Canon EOS R7 release date, price, rumors and what we want to see

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The Canon EOS R7 is expected to be an important camera. It’s rumored to be the first, or among the first, of a new wave of RF-mount mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors. If the speculation is correct, this could make it an affordable, but powerful, way to get into Canon’s mirrorless camera system, with skills that are primed for wildlife, sports and video shooting.

A word of warning: it’s still very early days for Canon EOS R7 rumors. So far, there haven’t been any major leaks, and it appears that the knock-on effects of the pandemic on supply chains and chip shortages has potentially pushed Canon’s 2021 launch schedule back a little. But rumors of Canon’s first APS-C camera have persisted, and reliable sources suggest it’s at least in the pipeline.

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