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Clubhouse users can now record a live room and listen to it later

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Popular audio chat app Clubhouse has rolled out a new feature called Replay. The new feature will let users to record the audio chat and then save it to a club or profile. Also Read – Clubhouse adds 13 new languages including Hindi, Tamil, more

The new feature will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Also Read – Clubhouse will soon let users to pin links to the top of rooms

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“Replays are an optional feature that creators can choose to toggle on or off for any public room. When Replays are enabled, anyone on Clubhouse can replay the entire experience whenever they like,” the company said in a blogpost. Also Read – Clubhouse Music Mode announced: What is it, how it works?

“They will get to see the same elements of a live room like Leave Quietly and watch the dynamic of the stage and audience shift and evolve throughout the discussion, including PTRs, mic taps, and all the special moments that only happen here,” it added.

With Replays, Pinned Links remain fully interactive, so they update throughout the course of the room, allowing creators to share relevant content and realise value long after the room has ended.

The new feature also allows you to skip to the next speaker. This lets you tap through to your favourite people and focus the room on the parts that matter most to you. You can also pause, play, scrub, clip, and listen at 1.5x or 2x.

Room creators will have the ability to download the audio, so they can edit it and use it wherever they want — as a podcast, a clip on YouTube, an Instagram story, a TikTok video, an embed in their article or newsletter, or anywhere else.

The replay will also be discoverable within Clubhouse — from club pages, speakers’ profiles (unless they choose to hide it), search (starting next week) and more.

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