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Did Ola Electric only sell the S1 Pro scooters in the first phase of sales?

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Ola Electric recently announced that it has dispatched all the scooters that were ordered in the first phase. The delayed deliveries have left a sour taste in the buyer’s mouth. However, some customers were pleasantly surprised to know that they were getting a free upgrade to the Ola S1 Pro, at least in terms of hardware. Many buyers shared the e-mail sent by the company announcing the free upgrade. Also Read – Why Ola Electric should be more transparent with deliveries

The Ola S1 is the cheaper of the two scooters and it sells at Rs 99,999. The Pro variant sells at Rs 1,29,999. There is a difference of Rs 30,000. Also Read – Ola Electric ships all scooters purchased to date, but not all delivered

A source close to the company told BGR.in that all the scooters shipped in the first phase of the sale were indeed Ola S1 Pro scooters or at least Ola S1 Pro-ready scooters. What this means is that if you have ordered the Ola S1 in the first phase, it is highly likely that you’ve received an Ola S1 Pro, with the functionality of an Ola S1. Also Read – Central Railways partners with Magenta EV to provide charging points at stations

This has also been confirmed to buyers via an official mail claiming that the company has offered a free upgrade for no additional charge.

However, there is no need to get excited. While the hardware might be a definite upgrade, there won’t be any real benefit to the rider, both in terms of the driving range or the features that are exclusive to the Ola S1 Pro. Instead, the company has offered the choice to upgrade to Ola S1 Pro completely by paying an additional sum of Rs 30,000. If you are not satisfied with the Ola S1, The company has given a provision to upgrade the scooter to Ola S1 Pro.

It has been disclosed that many buyers, during the initial booking phase, booked the Ola S1 at Rs 499. However, after taking the test drives, these buyers wanted to upgrade to the Ola S1 Pro. Ola Electric, in order to satisfy any future demand of switching to Ola S1 Pro, instead of the Ola S1, decided to go with Ola S1 Pro scooters, even for buyers who paid for the Ola S1.

Ola Electric still needs to officially confirm that all the 4000 scooters shipped in the first phase of the sale are Ola S1 Pro.

The company is facing flak from both customers who ordered the Ola S1 and the Ola S1 Pro. On paper, it is a free upgrade but the Ola S1 buyer is demanding more clarity from the company about the cheaper variant. Ola S1 Pro buyers, on the other hand, feel that they have paid more for the same product.

The lack of clarity on the subject is raising questions on whether or not the company was even ready with the Ola S1 stock.

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