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Disappearing messages after 24 hours how it will work and new Archive

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WhatsApp is testing the ability to set messages to disappear after 24 hours. This was revealed in a tweet by WaBetaInfo, though there is not much information on whether it is being tested for Android as well as iOS or when will the feature be released. Also Read – WhatsApp to drop support for iPhones running iOS 9: Report

Prior to this, WhatsApp rolled out in November last year Disappearing messages, though for a longer seven days period. Once enabled, sent messages including media files, audio files and others will disappear automatically after seven days from the time message is sent. Also Read – WhatsApp starts sending reminder notifications to accept new privacy policy before May 15

WhatsApp testing 24-hour disappearing message: How it will work

WhatsApp’s 24-hour disappearing messages feature is expected to work in the same way the seven days disappearing messages feature works. It is expected to work for media and audio files as well. However, do keep in mind that there is not much information on the 24-hour disappearing messages feature as of now and we will need to wait to know more. Also Read – Beware of this Women’s day WhatsApp scam that claims to offer free Adidas shoes

As for the seven-days disappearing messages, the feature needs to be enabled or turned on. To send seven-days disappearing messages to contacts, follow these steps:

• Open the WhatsApp app and select the contact you wish to send disappearing messages to.

• Open the contact information section on Android. On iOS, click on the name of the contact.

• Scroll down to the Disappearing Messages option. Tap on ON to enable it.

• Once the option is enabled, you should get a message that reads, “You turned on disappearing messages. New messages will disappear from the chat after 7 days. Tap to change.”

• Once the feature is enabled, all messages you send to the contact will disappear after seven days.

• To turn off the disappearing messages feature, repeat the same steps — open contact info > Disappearing Messages > tap on the option > click on OFF.

While chats will get deleted, any media that the receiver saves on their device will remain. Also, any forwarded messages will not get automatically deleted. It is likely that WhatsApp will introduce a new 24-hour option under the disappearing messages option, which will delete all messages and media on receiver’s device after 24 hours.

WhatsApp working on new Archived UI for Android, iOS

WhatsApp is also working on a New Archive feature for Android and iOS, which is under development and will be available in a future build. WaBetaInfo reported the feature was spotted in the Android version.

It brings about changes in the Archive UI. The feature will essentially ensure that if users receive a message from archived chats, they will not be unarchived anymore, which is not the case as of now.

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