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Discord Carl Bot tutorial

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A Carl Bot is a digital moderator that you can add to your Discord server to perform certain management-related tasks. For instance, you want to send a welcome message on your Discord server whenever someone joins, or you want to use the authority of banning server members. The Carl Bot also permits you to issue custom commands, assign roles to certain users, track activities, and do various other tasks. With the help of the Carl Bot, these kinds of operations will be triggered automatically, saving a lot of your precious time.

This write-up will demonstrate how to set up the Carl Bot on Discord, and we will explore its fantastic features altogether. So, let’s start!

How to set up Carl Bot On Discord

To set up a Carl Bot on your Discord, the first thing you need to do is invite the Carl Bot to your selected Discord server. For this purpose, open the Carl Bot official website and then click on the “Login” present at the top right side of the website:

After doing so, you will see a confirmation dialog box on your screen that states that “Carl-Bot” wants to access your Discord account. Here, you can set the permissions for the Carl Bot and then click on the “Authorize” button to move ahead:

Now, select the server for which you are going to set up the Carl Bot. In our case, the selected Discord server is “SharqaHameed’s” server:

By this time, you will see another dialog box in which you will specify the server name for which you are going to add Carl Bot and some particular permission of the Carl Bot for operating in that Discord server:

After selecting the permission for your Carl Bot, click on the “Authorize” button:

After performing the previously given procedure, the Carl Bot will be added to your Discord server. To confirm this action, open up your Discord application and check out the member list of the selected Discord server:

Carl Bot features on Discord

After setting up Carl Bot, it’s time to explore its provided features for the Discord server. For this purpose, move to your Carl Bot dashboard.

Now, we will share some of the features of the Carl Bot on Discord.

Carl Bot Reaction roles/Auto role on Discord

Being an owner of a Discord server, you may want to transfer some controls to the server members that can assist in managing your community. For this purpose, you have to assign them specific roles, and that’s where Carl Bot comes into play. The Carl Bot lets you assign the members’ roles based on their emoji, thus making it a reaction role. For instance, any member who responds with a heart emoji will be assigned a “fan” role. With these reaction roles, Both you and your audience will attain a lot of enjoyment as it makes your members feel that they are playing a significant part in the Discord community.

For the assignment of the reaction roles, look for the “Commands” option in the right-side panel of your Carl Bot dashboard:

Now, you will see a lot of categories under the “Commands” option. Click on the “Roles” to move to the next step:

In between all other roles option, enable the “react role” as it will offer you to assign reaction roles on Discord:

From the Utility tab, open up “Reaction Role,” and then click on the “Create new reaction role” button:

In the last step, you can set the mode of the reaction role, its content and specify the emoji. After doing so, your new reaction will be created, and it will be assigned to each of the members who utilize that specific content or emoji on the Discord server:

Carl Bot Custom tags on Discord

The administrators of the Discord server utilize tags for identifying roles and for invoking commands. Carl Bot permits you to build up advanced custom instructions or commands which are not included in the default template. These commands or instructions are known as custom tags which are denoted by {} curly brackets. Custom tags are helpful when you are planning for an event and want your audience to take some specific action. These tags are utilized for personalizing messages and creating announcements that assist you in engaging your Discord audience.

To create a custom tag for your Discord server, look for the “Tags” category under the “Utility”, and then click on the “Create new tag” button:

Now, you can specify your tag and its content in the opened dialog box. You can also set the created tag as “Restricted” or “NSFW”:

Carl Bot Automod on Discord

The “Automod” option of the Carl Bot offers you enormous features that can help you control the Discord server rules violations. By utilizing Automod, you can filter spam messages, deliver warnings to rule-breakers, mute offensive members, ban denigrates, and delete abusive content automatically. Most of the operations that a moderator performs manually in a Discord server can be shifted to automatic procedure using Automod of Carl Bot on Discord. It will save Both time and effort of a person that is utilized to manage the Discord server. Isn’t it amazing?

Using Automod on the Carl Bot dashboard, you can disable bad links and invites, delete spam messages, censor bad words, and much more. So, open the “Automod” option and explore it further to get benefit from its useful features:

Carl Bot Logging on Discord

Creating a log of any activity that occurs on the Discord server is what logging is all about, such as how many have joined in the last month, who has been invited, what messages have been removed, and what has been changed. Carl Bot permits you to keep track of everything on its channel. You can also limit the number of people who have access to the records.

On your Carl Bot dashboard, move to the “Logging” options under the “Moderation” tab, then select your already created channels, and specify the “Server Events” for the log:

Carl Bot custom messages on Discord

With Carl Bot, you can customize your farewell, welcome, and ban messages. This option provided by the Carl Bot will save your time, which is consumed when you have to write out a whole greeting or welcome message every time someone joins your group. You can customize these kinds of messages using GIFs, signatures, avatars, and photographs.

To customize a welcome message using Carl Bot on Discord, click on the “Welcome” option from the settings and choose the type of message you want to customize, such as welcome or ban message, and then customize it according to your preferences:


On your Discord server, the Carl Bot can be the digital moderator for you. By the term, digital means that it performs all of the embedded operations automatically. Carl Bot customizes the welcome messages, creates custom tags, logs, reaction roles, and bans spam messages, invite links, bad words, and much more. This write-up provided a complete card Bot tutorial for your Discord. We have shown you the procedure of setting up the Carl Bot and how you can use its features to manage your Discord server efficiently.

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