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Elon Musk claims Tesla Bot could be a companion for human beings

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Earlier this year, Elon Musk took to the stage to reveal something, that many people would argue, is more spectacular than the Tesla Cybertruck. The CEO revealed the Tesla Bot and also followed up with a complete presentation and follow-up Q&A with his team working on the product. Also Read – Huawei unveils Aito M5 hybrid car, claims it is better than Tesla Model Y

During the unveiling in August this year, it seemed like the company is just dipping its toes into the robot ecosystem to test the waters. However, Musk confirmed that it may not be as important as the development of clean energy tech, but it is on their radar and they have also started the hiring process for the development of the Tesla Bot. Also Read – Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocks metaverse: Here’s what he said

Musk said, “I think the possibilities are endless. It’s not quite in Tesla’s primary mission directive of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, but it’s an extremely useful thing for the world to make a humanoid robot that is capable of interacting with the world and helping in many different ways.” Also Read – Tesla holiday software update released, brings Light Show feature to all EVs

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the Tesla Bot could be more than just a machine. In the interview, he highlighted how the company’s robot, which looks like something from a sci-fi movie, could actually become a companion to humans. He even said they could become like R2D2 or C3Po, popular humanoids from the Star Wars franchise.

He said that the Tesla Bot “could develop a personality over time that is unique. It’s not like all the robots are the same. That personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it.”

This is a strong statement coming from the business tycoon as he has actively rejected the idea that we need Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop tech further. He believes that most of the stuff that AI does can be done without it. It will be interesting to see how something like a Tesla Bot will be given the ability to act as a companion and also have some level of uniqueness without or with little use of AI.

Earlier, Musk had also made a bold statement in favour of robotics. He claimed that Tesla could easily be seen as Robot-maker more than an automobile company. The claim was substantiated by the company’s use of technology such as self-driving which makes their cars robots on wheels.

He has repeatedly emphasised that the Tesla Bot will be built for relieving humans from repetitive tasks that can create stress. At the presentation, for Tesla Bot he had also raised the concern of labour shortage in the future, which could be satisfied by machines like Tesla Bot.

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