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Elon Musk explains why Tesla launch is getting delayed in India: Check details

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Tesla is apparently working to start operation within the Indian borders. It has been some time since Elon Musk dropped an update about the EV maker’s plans for India. Recently, in response to a tweet, Elon Musk finally revealed that the talks with the government are still ongoing. However, the Tesla CEO clarified that the company is facing a lot of challenges with the government. Also Read – Volkswagen sold more EVs than ever before in 2021, records 75 percent growth

A Tesla enthusiast tagged Elon Musk on Twitter asking the business tycoon about the availability of the company’s electric cars in India. To which he responded by saying, “Still working through a lot of challenges with the government.” Also Read – This man is earning up to Rs 60,000 a month in cryptos using just his car

Tesla’s past updates in India

It is not news that Tesla wants to make in-roads in India. Time and again Musk has tweeted about Tesla’s plans to enter one of the biggest markets in the world. However, he has outright blamed the high import duties on electric cars for the delay. The govt has also been straightforward with its demand from the company, asking Musk to start manufacturing in India to reduce the impact of import duties.

Last month, Tesla fans’ hope skyrocketed after it three new models were homologated in India. The update was provided by the govt portal Vahan Sewa. Additionally, in November last year, Tesla Supercharger V2 was also spotted in India hinting at the final launch date. However, there hasn’t been any concrete timeline shared by the company.

Disagreement with Indian Govt

Indian govt has been strongly advocating for the electric car maker to set up a manufacturing facility in India. It has even promised benefits for building the facility in the country. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a different opinion. Tesla first plans to introduce their cars as completely built units (CBUs) and then gauge the response of buyers in India.

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