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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Extracted Media Files From North Korea’s Red Star OS Are Beautiful — Except For A Few

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Background images and wallpaper were extracted from North Korea’s Linux-Based Red Star OS 3.0. For starters, Red Star is a closed source Linux OS that is now used in most computers in North Korea. Before that, Windows XP and Red Hat Enterprise Linux were the two most used operating systems in the country.

Redstar os 3.0

Red Star uses KDE, and North Korean devs’ poor attempt at making the OS look like macOS is clearly visible. The previous version, Red Start OS 2.0, looked a lot like Windows XP. The successor to Red Star 4.0 does exist, but little is known about it.

Heck, it even has a modified Mozilla Firefox browser called Naenara, which, according to Wikipedia, translates to “My country” in case the home-made OS itself wasn’t enough to ignite patriotism in people.

That said, the “world-class” hackers that were hired to develop this OS left major flaws in it. For starters, a hole in rc.sysint file was found some years ago. It is responsible for controlling programs that run at boot. This makes adding government spyware easier to ensure it runs every time the computer is switched on.

Enough about the OS itself. Here are the media files that were extracted by developer BlackOtton:

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