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F1 2021 gameplay reveals new damage & tyre model, ray tracing graphics

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The next Formula 1 game is scheduled to launch just before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and EA-owned Codemasters has shown off more content ahead of that. The studio has let a few YouTuber game streamers showcase footage from the F1 2021 game, revealing some of the new additions to this year’s game. There’s a completely new damage models as well as tyre degradation model, and more. Also Read – F1 2021 game latest update: You can recruit Schumacher or Senna as your 2nd My Team driver

You can head over to YouTube to see a couple of gameplay videos showcasing an early “work in progress” F1 2021. While the basic look and feel is largely similar to F1 2020, the new game offers extra disabilities in the form of side damage and a new tyre model. There’s also ray tracing thrown into the mix this time, albeit highly restricted to the menu system. Also Read – F1 2021 game to miss out on two real-world Formula 1 season features: Check them out

Have a look at all the new stuff we know about F1 2021 game. Also Read – F1 2021 in-game car renders revealed: McLaren, RedBull Honda, Haas, and more

F1 2021 new features revealed

Similar to the real world Formula 1 cars and racing, F1 2021 now allows for damage to the sides and the floor. Hence, if you attempt dive bombs at your rivals on the race track, there are chances that you may end up damaging the barge boards, side covers, and even the floor. In fact, your F1 car can also take damages to the rear if someone shunts you from behind.

F1 2021 Mercedes

A gameplay footage shared by eSports racer Aarava shows the decrease in performance when there’s damage to the sides. While the visual effects are limited, a minor bump to the sides can drastically decrease straight-line speeds and cornering. The same goes for damage to the rear, floor and barge boards.

F1 2021 also gets a new tyre model that’s developed in collaboration with real-world F1 driver inputs, eSports drivers and pro players. Players can expect to see the effects of cold tyres on the track along with the handling effects.

The graphics themselves don’t see much of an improvement during the gameplay but Codemasters has vastly improved the textures. Wet tracks now show patches of standing water similar to how you see in games like Project Cars 2. Additionally, the game is employing ray tracing in the menus and broadcast-style replays. Driver characters see a vast improvement in textures and facial details.

In an early access preview by Dexterto, it is revealed that F1 2021 cars sound better than last year’s game. Additionally, the career mode now allows for players to jump into a simulation of the real-world drivers standings in the middle of a championship and take over the fate of one.

The Braking Point story mode is also revealed, wherein the player is taken back to 2019’s Formula 2 season and earn his way up to the Formula 1 paddock. Players will be able to drive for five F1 teams, including Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri, Alfa Romeo, Haas, or Williams.

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