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Facebook Gaming launches Pac-Man Community: Features online multi-player mode

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Meta owned Facebook has launched Pac-Man Community exclusively on Facebook Gaming, to allow players to enjoy the classic arcade game along with up to three friends. With this, the company is looking to connect players and gaming creators to the classic game in a new way. Also Read – Big threat for Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn users

Pac-Man Community has been developed by Genvid in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is already live and can be played on the web and mobile app. Also Read – Facebook Messenger introduces a new Split Payments feature: How to use it

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While the agenda of the game remains the same as before, the new game is not limited to the classic mode. Facebook will allow players to play the game with their friends and also allow them to design their own levels using the new Maze Creator tool.

Players can work in groups to escape the ghosts, while still competing with each other for a high score. The game also allows streamers to invite viewers to play with them.

The game also features a Watch tab, which players can watch Facebook Gaming creators stream the game live. The Watch mode with the help of Unreal Engine turns the mazes into 3D streams, where players can pick a side and power up the AI Pac-Man or Ghosts in competition.

The game offers players three options to play: Play, Create and Watch. After a player chooses this, they will then be offered four options to start: Play with random people, play the classic Pac-Man, play your own Maze or join a private room.

Using the Create option, players can make a custom maze, which will be made available in the “My Mazes” option.

“For more than 40 years, PAC-MAN has been a cultural icon in games, television, music and film. And today, we are sharing the next step in this evolution by launching PAC-MAN COMMUNITY, exclusively on Facebook Gaming,” said the company in a blog post.

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