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fiio: FiiO launches M17 Portable Desktop Class Music Player in India

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FiiO has launched the M17 Portable Desktop Class Music Player in India. The player comes at an MRP 1,79,990 and is now available for purchase at www.fiio.co.in and leading online and retail stores.
The left and right audio channels each contain a desktop-class, 8-channel ES9038PRO flagship DAC. This means that each audio channel has 8 parallel outputs summed together for superior resolution and minimal distortion for extremely pure audio reproduction.
FiiO and THX jointly developed the exclusive THX AAA-788+, an upgraded version of the original op-amp. Compared to the original, output power is increased by 225% up to 3000mW per channel with a lower output impedance, claims the company.
The M17 DAPs features a 3.5mm output: headphone out/line out; 6.3mm output: headphone out; 2.5mm output: balanced headphone out; 4.4mm output: balanced headphone out/balanced line out; RCA coaxial port: coaxial input and output; USB 3.0 port: supports USB Host and Device modes, can be used for high-speed data transfers and fast charging; USB 2.0 port: supports USB Host mode, allowing external DACs or hard drive storage to be connected.
FiiO says that effective heat dissipation was a large focus when designing the M17 DAPs. The “H” type heat dissipation and VC liquid cooling technologies work with the M17’s 151g unibody aluminium alloy frame to expel the heat out of the device. There is a cooling fan stand too.
The M17 portable player contains two power supplies – a battery power supply and a power supply powered by external DC power. The battery power supply allows you to use the M17 in situations where there is no access to a power outlet. Under DC power supply, voltage in the analog circuit is increased by 35% up to 11.5V compared to under battery power supply; and the battery is kept healthy since it is not used in this mode.
Under battery power, there are 4 gain levels: low, medium, high, and headphone mode. When under DC mode, the enhanced over-ear headphone mode gain is unlocked. In balanced output, gain can get as high as 16dB – allowing the M17 to easily drive most headphones.
Other features include Android 10 OS open to install 3rd party apps; Bluetooth 5.0 with support for aptX Adaptive, support for up to DSD512 and 32bit/768kHz, and support for MQA 8x unfolding.

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