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Fortnite’s next big live event likely happening next month, here are the details

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Fortnite’s next big live event is likely inching closer. As per reports, Epic Games is prepping for the next big Fortnite in-game event on August 6. Following the game’s recent update 17.21, a new alien ship hovering over the center showed a clock count down to August 6. While previous shows hosted in Fortnite had a blazing performance from Travis Scott and the airing of various Christopher Nolan flicks, the upcoming event is tipped to bring in a renowned pop artist. Also Read – Indonesian Minister urges govt to ban Fortnite in the country: Here’s why

Fortnite’s next big live event is likely happening on August 6

Previous leaks have suggested an Ariana Grande concert might come to the game, although the pop star’s connection to the alien invasion remains a mystery. That said, Fortnite’s latest alien-themed season began on June 8. The game’s current season Chapter 2: Season 7 called Invasion brings a sci-fi vibe. Also Read – Fortnite leaks: Lebron James to be next Icon Series member, Holly Hatchery POI, Alien Nanites, and more

From weapons like rail gun, nuts, and bolts crafting materials to flying saucers, the new season has brought a whole bunch of exciting elements to the game. Another highlight of the new season is the battle pass that brings a host of characters to the game for those players who purchase the pass. The new Season 7 includes Superman, Kymera, a customisable alien, Joey a human/alien double agent, and a hulking battle droid. An odd addition to the new Fortnite season is Guggimon, a virtual influencer with over a million followers on Instagram. Also Read – Fortnite Redeem Code: How to get Fish Spray reward, Bonfire emoticon for free

Image: The Verge

That aside, the Travis Scott live concert witnessed a huge success, and although Epic is tight-lipped about the next concert, the developers will no doubt pull a popular artist to keep the tradition buoyant.

Coming back to Fortnite’s next big live event countdown timer, the show is said to kick off at 3:05 PM PT (3:35 AM IST). And as cited by The Verge, following the current alien-themed season release, Fortnite has seen a stream of updates and events like including a short festival, a trippy concert, and new characters being introduced like Loki, and Bugha. As for the rest of the things happening in-game, Epic has removed some POIs like Coral Castle, among others.

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