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Free Fire 4th anniversary event details revealed ahead of celebrations

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Free Fire 4th anniversary celebration is inching closer and gamers are eagerly waiting for the in-game events to kick in. The Free Fire upcoming event that is due to happen later this month will bring a variety of rewards, unique items like skins, costumes, giveaways, etc. Also Read – Free Fire redeem codes for August 12: Full list of active codes, rewards, vouchers, and more

While Garena has announced two new characters’ arrival to the game- Dmitri, Thiva, the developers are still mum about other inclusions in the next big event. But thanks to Free Fire data miner, KnightClown, a few key insights about Free Fire 4th-anniversary are not out in the blue. Also Read – How to get Free Fire OB29 permanent gun skins, free characters in the latest update

Free Fire 4th-anniversary calendar: Events detail leaked

4th anniversary Party- From August 20 to September 5 Also Read – Best Free Fire alternatives: Popular titles with better graphics

Lone Wolf Mode kick starts- From August 20 to August 29

Login 7 days- From August 23 to September

Complete Missions- From August 20 to September 5

Exchange Tokens- From August 28 to September 5

Anniversary Quiz- From August 20 to August 29

After Match Drop (4x only on August 28)- From August 20 to September 5

Booyah Now!- From August 28 to September

Login for Free Character- August 28

CS Cup Challenge 1.0: August 28

Play to get Cube Fragment: August 28

CS Cup Challenge 2.0: September 3

If we are to believe these details then the events will flush in from August 20. As mentioned earlier, two new characters Dimitri and Thiva have already been confirmed to arrive in Free Fire. Dimitri will have a healing heartbeat skill which on use will create a 3.5mm healing zone. Meanwhile, Thiva has Vital Vibes ability, with it the rescue (help-up) speed rises by 5 percent, players regain 15 HP in 5 seconds following a successful rescue. To recall, Free Fire recently received OB29 update that brought tons of features including a new marksman rifle, 1v1 Lone Wolf game mode, a new pet named Sensei Tig that has Nimble Ninja skill, and Clash Squad improvements.

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