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free pdf editor: How to edit a PDF document offline for free

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You don’t always have to print PDF files to fill them unless it is a mandatory thing where you need to submit a hard copy with your signature on it. Even in such a situation, you could fill in most of the details on the computer with a PDF editor. Typing it out ensures that the information you enter is legible—it recommended not to use fancy, cursive fonts for formal documents—and you can correct mistakes easily.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor for Windows PCs is a very useful piece of software for this kind of work. Besides entering data into PDF forms, it can also be used to create new documents and annotate PDFs (Internal link to story on annotating documents on a non-touch screen).

What you need:

– A Windows computer

– Xodo PDF Reader & Editor (visit: www.xodo.com)

How to edit a PDF file with Xodo:


Launch Xodo PDF Reader.<br>


Click the Browse button with the folder icon to open the file you want to edit.


Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the app window to enter the editing mode.


Here, you can choose from various options to make changes to the document.<br>

For instance, clicking the text icon with the cursor will allow you to add a text box in the document. You can revisit the contents and edit matter.


Similarly, you can use other features like the stickers button to add symbols embedded with notes.


Other features include the ability to highlight text, insert images and shapes around a bit of text.


Finally, you can even add a signature, if required. You can save multiple signatures in Xodo and use them for different kinds of documents. Just click the signature button and click on the part where you want to sign to make a new dialog box appear. Here, you will need to add your initials in freehand with your mouse or laptop touchpad.


Click the cross symbol in the top left corner when you have finishing making changes to the document. Next, click the smaller floppy disk icon in the top left corner to “save as” so you will always have the original PDF in un-edited form.

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