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From crypto to foldable phones, top 5 tech trends that will dominate 2022

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The year 2020 was eclipsed completely by Covid-19 but 2021 was seen as a ray of hope to get back to a normal world. At least, initially. The second wave and the delta variant pushed back all hopes of normalcy in a matter of a few months. But ‘resilience’ is our middle name. We have finally started moving to normalcy again. Omicron has re-created an ominous atmosphere, but we as a society have sort of mastered planetary level threats. Looking forward to 2022, we have grand hopes and aspirations for a better future. Also Read – Bitcoin was not the most viewed crypto in 2021, the spot was taken by Shiba Inu: CoinMarketCap

These are some of the consumer tech trends that may turn out to be dominant in the year 2022: Also Read – Cricketer Rohit Sharma joins NFT craze, to launch collection on FanCraze

Work from Home

There are some changes that Covid-19 has brought about for good. The work from home culture has become an integral part of how we function in the post-covid era. The return of threatening variants like Delta and now Omicron is keeping the home office relevant for a longer time. The more time we spend working at home, the more difficult it will be to go back to the conventional clock-in and clock-out system. Also Read – BGR Tech Excellence Awards: India will be at the center of the universe in the ‘Future of Gaming’

Buyers will continue to splurge on their home office and probably spend more than just work hours on their desks. Laptops and PCs have regained their regal status after years of flat-lined sales. Accessories and peripherals continue to remain a big hit.


While the next-gen consoles and some of the high-end GPUs were launched in 2020, the lack of availability has kept the latest and greatest from the masses. The chip shortage may not go anywhere anytime soon but 2022 could be the year it starts fading out.

This will also be the year when studios will start releasing games exclusively for the latest generation of consoles. Games will have the ability to graphically transcend previous levels of the details and achieve the ultra-realisticness we’ve all been dreaming of.


Metaverse is the buzzword going around everywhere. The craze became crazier after one of the biggest companies in the world formerly known as ‘Facebook’ adopted the name ‘Meta’.

The metaverse is still a long shot from getting where it needs to be but it will become more than just a buzzword in 2022. It has also piqued the investor’s interest which hints at bigger things to come. Companies like Microsoft, Snap, Nvidia and Tencent have also raised their stakes in the Metaverse.


Cryptocurrency has been the theme in 2021 and it will be bigger in 2022. For India, it will mark as the year when the country either embraces the “future” or tries to rein it in with a new legislation. The Cryptocurrency Regulation bill tabled by the govt in the month of November is expected to be taken up in the upcoming budget session. The govt has given us all the hints that it may not outright ban private cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is playing the waiting game to see how other major economies of the world will create legislation around blockchain-based currencies.

Foldable smartphones

For the major part of the last decade, smartphone development has pretty much plateaued. There has been limited growth in terms of how user experience has changed over the years. 2022 is expected to take us to the next phase of smartphone evolution with foldable devices. More and more brands are finally releasing smartphones that take advantage of the new form factor.

Oppo launched the Find N and Honor will soon launch its first foldable device. Motorola is also working on the next iteration of Razr. Not to forget, Samsung has already reached the next leg of development with three generations of foldable devices. The new phone technology will slowly trickle down mid-range premium and eventually mid-range devices. The wait is not very long.

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