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Global 5G smartphone sales to cross 250 million in 2020: Report

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Sales of 5G-enabled smartphones is expected to grow by 1,300%, according to a report by Strategy Analytics.
The report claims that the global sales of 5G smartphones is going to hit a 250 million figure.
Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, associate director at Strategy Analytics, said, “We forecast global 5G smartphone sales to soar 1,300 percent from 18 million units in 2019 to a record 250 million in 2020. The 5G category is the main engine of smartphone growth today and for the next decade.”
Naming China and the US as two countries that are driving the 5G force in the world, Ken Hyers, director at Strategy Analytics, added, “A quarter-billion 5G smartphones will be sold worldwide in 2020. China and the United States are the two largest 5G countries.”
Hyers also said that among all the smartphone markets that offer 5G supporting smartphones, Apple, Huawei and Samsung are going to be the “top-three brands that together will capture two-thirds of all 5G smartphone sales globally this year.”
Despite being the fastest growing part of the global smartphone market, there are challenges faced by this part of the sector too. “Many 5G smartphone models are too expensive, most 5G carrier networks are incomplete, while multiple waves of coronavirus are causing consumer fatigue in Western markets like the US and Europe,” added Ukonaho.

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