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Google Assistant Now Lets You Set Spotify as Your Default Podcast Service

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Last week, Google Assistant gained a dedicated page to let you choose your preferred podcast service. This section has been added to give users more choice when they tune in to their favorite podcasts via Google Assistant. While the Podcasts page didn’t have any third-party podcast app support when it was first added, Google has now added the first option – Spotify.

With this addition, you can set Spotify as your default podcast service for Google Assistant. This way, you can pick up your podcasts right where you left off. More importantly, you no longer have to rely on Google Podcasts when you listen to your podcasts through your smart speaker.

If you’re interested to use Spotify as your default podcast service when you access podcasts through Google Assistant, you can set it from Assistant settings. You can either access Assistant settings via the Google app or with a simple voice command ‘Hey Google, open Assistant settings’. Once you’ve opened that, scroll down and you will find the ‘Podcasts’ section.

It is worth noting that Spotify is not limiting the ability to access podcasts from smart speakers to Premium customers. As you can see below, the option to set Spotify as your default podcast service appears even if you are in the free tier of Spotify.

podcasts selection on Assistant

Unfortunately, Spotify is the only third-party option for now. However, that might change soon. We could expect the software giant to integrate support for other leading podcast apps such as Pocket Casts in the future.

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